Venture capital

Angelini Industries operates in the Venture Capital sector with Angelini Ventures, an international company that creates, supports and invests in startups that develop innovative solutions and ideas in the fields of biotechnology, life sciences and digital healthcare.

Angelini Ventures will invest in Europe, North America and Israel with a focus on the central nervous system, mental health and market segments aimed at women, children and the elderly. The company is based in Rome and has a global team composed of an international network of innovation experts.

Angelini Ventures has an investment capital of 300 million euros, of which 60 million euros are already planned. The current portfolio includes Argobio, a Paris-based biotech startup studio, Angelini Lumira Biosciences Fund, a North American fund investing in startups, and Pretzel Therapeutics, a Boston-based company developing mitochondrial therapies.

Angelini Ventures