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Angelini Industries supports the candidacy of Rome Expo 2030


Trust, solidarity and progress: these are the values that represent the essence of Expo 2030. It is an international event that aims to promote and facilitate dialogue among all countries regarding the socio-economic and cultural challenges of society, opening a window to innovations capable of supporting and addressing them effectively.

Eternal City bids for Expo 2030

Expo 2030 is a Universal Exhibition that deserves to be experienced in a smart environment: welcoming, open, and innovative. It should be a place of inspiration for both the current and future generations, and above all, a space where people can embrace and drive change. Among the candidate and finalist cities to host the event, Busan (South Korea) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) are also in the running this year. However, Rome stands out as the only capital of the European Union and the only candidate city with an unprecedented historical heritage. The chosen city will be elected during the assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) on November 28th in Paris, through a voting process involving all the nations of the world.

Being a good past for our future

The Eternal City, with its enchanting millennial history, cultural heritage, strategic geographical location, and timeless beauty, represents the ideal environment for an international event that aims to build the foundations of a future that lives up to the expectations of society and the needs of the environment it hosts.

After the success of international events such as the 1960 Olympic Games and the 1990 FIFA World Cup (whose final was held at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome), the Italian capital now aims to weave its roots, which are deeply embedded in a constant drive for innovation, art, and integration, into the fabric of the city of the future. It aspires to create a place where the invaluable richness of the past coexists with an energetic leap towards tomorrow and its challenges.

"People and territories"

The multi-subject communication campaign promoting Rome's candidacy as the host city for Expo 2030, launched during the BIE's inspection visit on April 22, 2022, narrates the relationship between the past and the future through the exploration of the connection between humans and their natural habitat, presented within a surreal visual setting. The claim HUMANLANDS, a neologism coined by Superhumans, the communication agency behind the campaign, emphasizes the profound and positive interconnection between humans and the environment, highlighting the potential of their synergy in building a better future.

The goal is to inspire observers to imagine a tomorrow in which human actions take into account ecological balance and resource conservation, preserving the beauty and diversity of our planet and its inhabitants.

Should Rome become the host city for Expo 2030, extraordinary opportunities would arise for urban redevelopment projects. This milestone would contribute to revitalizing the role of the Central and Southern Italian territories and communities, offering them the long-awaited chance for redemption. In fact, The Capital was supposed to host the Expo in 1942, which led to the construction of the EUR district. However, due to World War II, the event was canceled, preventing the city from opening up to new scenarios.

Angelini Industries is an official partner of the Rome Expo 2030 Foundation

"There is no future without the past.

Our Group has always looked towards tomorrow,

firmly holding onto the pillars of tradition upon which it has grown

and developed for more than 100 years."

Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, CEO Angelini Industries

History and tradition, but also progress and innovation: this is the fascinating balance between past and future that unites the corporate DNA of Angelini Industries with the city of Rome.

Like Rome, in fact, the Group draws value from its solid legacy of experience and knowledge accumulated over more than a century to meet current challenges and help build a better future for new generations.

It is from the awareness of these valuable synergies and the desire to support the place that has hosted Casa Angelini for over 50 years that Angelini Industries wish to become part of the Rome Expo 2030 Foundation was born. The foundation was established in July of last year to support the Institutional Promoting Committee, and Angelini Industries joined as a supporting member.

As a candidate for Expo, Rome aims to promote an innovative, sustainable, and inclusive future, which perfectly aligns with the values and vision that Angelini Industries advocates for.

The Group views the territory as a place to respect and take care of, going beyond the simplistic notion of it as a physical and geographical space. The Casa Angelini project is a tangible example of this approach. The Group's headquarters in Rome is the result of a significant urban redevelopment project with a sustainable focus. As a result, it has obtained the international LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification, contributing to the modernization and attractiveness of the city of Rome.


Angelini Industries dedicates its commitment and resources to building a better future for future and current generations, and supporting Rome's candidacy as the Expo 2030 venue is a way to give even more value, space and voice to this abiding desire.

The partnership with the Rome Expo 2030 Foundation is a symbol of an unbreakable bond with a city that represents the beating heart of Italy. Choosing to support and stand alongside Rome on its journey towards securing the first place on the podium is much more than a simple challenge.

It is a dream come true.

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