About us

A long history
built on commitment,
and innovation.

Angelini Industries

Guided by Angelini Holding, Angelini Industries is and industrial multibusiness group founded in Ancona, Italy, from Francesco Angelini in 1919

A solid and multifaceted industrial group operating in 21 countries with 5,800 employees and revenues for 1.7 billion euros.

Angelini Industries operates in the following business sectors:

  • Health (pharmaceutical and venture capital)
  • Consumer goods
  • Industrial Tecnology
  • Perfumery and skincare & suncare
  • Wine
  • Venture Capital

For over 100 years, the Angelini family has guided the evolution of the group with an entrepreneurial style typical of Italian family-based capitalism.

A growth-focused investment strategy, steady commitment to Research and Development and in-depth knowledge of markets and business sectors have made Angelini one of the leading Italian companies in the areas in which it operates.

Casa Angelini: innovation in the pursuit of sustainability

Angelini is a modern group, strongly rooted in its homeland but looking towards the future, demonstrated by its deep commitment to the fields of innovation and sustainability. 

An example of this is the restructuring of Angelini Industries’s headquarters, located in the heart of Rome’s Appio-Tuscolano district. The project involved the redevelopment of a 30,000 sq.m lot, carried out through the use of innovative technologies and in compliance with all the requirements needed to obtain PLATINUM-rated LEED international certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in 2021.

Casa Angelini embodies an innovative and eco-sustainable architectural design which is advantageous for employees, the company and the community, all of whom benefit from the reduced emissions of pollutants and the renewal of the district’s image through the increase in green areas.