Our Values

Underlying our Group identity and culture are four founding values, which inspire and guide all the choices, actions and interactions which we give life to on a daily basis. Ethics and responsibility, innovation, performance and engagement are the foundations upon which the Group was born, stands and looks forward with for the future. These values are the basic premise that inspires the Company’s activity.

Our values inspire our Code of Ethics

The values that inspire us and the purpose that we as the Angelini Industries Group pursue are the assumptions from which the Code of Ethics takes shape and substance, along with the knowledge that only through ethical action can we build a brighter future and achieve sustainable growth for all, creating value and opportunities for the new generations.

Thea Paola Angelini, Executive Vice Chairman
Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, CEO Angelini Industries

The Code of Ethics clearly expresses the set of principles, commitments, responsibilities and rules of conduct that inspire the daily activities of all the people who make up the Angelini Industries Group, taking into account the importance of their roles, the complexity of their functions and the responsibilities entrusted to them for the pursuit of the Group's goals.