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    Written by Redazione Angelini Industries

    The Stories behind the change of Angelini Industries also become a podcast.

    The podcast has earned a prominent place in people's media diet, becoming a companion in today's fast-paced lives. Versatile and practical, it invites tailored enjoyment, allowing people to immerse themselves in stories, insights and entertainment without constraints of time or space. It is from an awareness of this potential that "Stories Behind the Change," Angelini Industries' first corporate podcast, was born. Dedicated to change and the contexts it encounters and inhabits, to those who want, wait or fear change, it represents a new point of contact between the Angelini Industries’ ecosystem and an increasingly diverse, curious and interconnected audience.
  2. Published in the category: Consumers & People

    Written by Gianluigi De Palo

    The birth rate is the new social question

    In recent years, the alarm about declining birth rates has become increasingly urgent in Italy, with the birth rate reaching record levels. Therefore, along with many mothers and fathers who were tired of experiencing and commenting on the data from ISTAT – which each year became an increasingly dire report – we established the Fondazione per la Natalità, with the goal of keeping attention focused on the demographic alarm and raising awareness among the public and the ruling class about how important it is to find solutions together to escape the so-called demographic trap.
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