An industrial holding company providing strategic direction

Angelini Holding S.p.A. is the strategic holding company of Angelini Industries. It handles the allocation of capital and risk management, mergers and acquisitions, the promotion of collaboration between companies and the development of the group’s fundamental skills.

In addition to guiding the activities of the businesses, which retain full autonomy in terms of the management of all operational levers, Angelini Holding ensures governance and performance measurement systems for shareholders, guaranteeing the company’s economic sustainability.

Angelini Holding S.p.A. - Board of directors

Board of Auditors

The task of the Board of Statutory Auditors, in accordance with the law and the Articles of Association, is to ensure compliance with legal and statutory provisions and to safeguard the integrity of the company’s equity as a guarantee to shareholders and third parties, interacting with the Directors, shareholders, Independent Auditors, the Supervisory Board, and the control functions.

  1. Fabrizio Marchetti

    Presidente Collegio Sindacale

  2. Riccardo Tiscini

    Sindaco Effettivo

  3. Lorenzo Barbone

    Sindaco Effettivo

  1. Gianluca Leone

    Sindaco Supplente

  2. Giuseppe Marciano

    Sindaco Supplente

Supervisory Body

As part of implementing the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, Angelini Holding has set up a Supervisory Body, i.e. a committee with powers of initiative and control. Its members, identified by the Board of Directors, must meet the requirements of autonomy, independence, professionalism, and continuity of action. The Supervisory Body (odvholding@angelini.it) is responsible for supervising the operation of and compliance with the Model, and for ensuring that it is constantly updated.

  1. Fulvia Astolfi

    Organo di Vigilanza

  2. Antonio Miani

    Organo di Vigilanza

  3. Daniele Del Monaco

    Organo di Vigilanza