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The Stories behind the change of Angelini Industries also become a podcast.


The power of sound is often talked about. Among the most in vogue "auditory symbols" is the podcast: its rise testifies to the growing appreciation for auditory-narrative experiences that, in an increasingly visual world, reaffirm the importance of storytelling through voice. In this context, the podcast is a tool capable not only of conveying stories and information, but also of generating value, resonance and cultural impact.

Living new experiences, through headphones

Versatile, affordable, convenient.

The podcast, as an on-demand audio medium, fits today's fast-paced lifestyle, offering listeners the freedom to inform, update and entertain themselves whenever and wherever they choose. It is a highly customizable and extremely rich experience. It offers the opportunity to explore a wide variety of content: from quick updates on the latest news, to in-depth debates on current issues, to pure entertainment. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for anyone and an opportunity for those in the communications field.

Through the power of words and stories,
podcasts can reach people's minds and hearts,
arousing curiosity and interest in their listeners.

Beyond this there is more: podcasts can educate, inspire and inform audiences. Through interviews, debates and insights, companies can share their expertise, explore new ideas and stay abreast of the dynamic, multimedia nature of today's digital language.

So why not seize the opportunity to delve into the heart of this narrative universe?

The economics of change

In an era where the only predictable element is unpredictability itself, change emerges as a constant certainty of human existence. Often feared as a source of uncertainty, this process can nevertheless open the door to new opportunities and significant transformation.

With this in mind, "Stories Behind the Change," Angelini Industries' corporate podcast dedicated to exploring the dynamics and impact of change in people's lives and the world around them, was born.

This new narrative touchpoint represents an extension of the editorial soul of Angelini Industries' corporate website, which bears the same name - "Stories behind the change." A space created with the aim of enriching Angelini Industries' digital presence by narrating the wide and varied ecosystem it represents; a sort of magnifying glass of the Group's infinite nuances. With the launch of the podcast, this narrative experience reaches a new level, harnessing the power of sound. It is an alternative and engaging solution to storytelling and addressing the community , explore complex themes, share firsthand testimonials, and offer unprecedented insights.

Every story is, in essence, the story of change.

Growth, innovation, hope, uncertainty, challenge: in the web of every individual's life, one always encounters that moment or phrase that deflects the course of events, leading toward unexpected directions. This is the narrative core around which Stories behind the change revolves. Through an "intimate" and authoritative approach, the podcast aims to get to the heart of all those stories that are making a difference today. The goal is not to challenge the transformations but, rather, to learn how to recognize, know, embrace and proactively manage them.

The choice of a corporate podcast itself posed a challenge for Angelini Industries. It was a conscious change driven by the desire to reach a new, increasingly diverse and affluent audience, while exploring new dimensions and narrative dynamics.

"Stories Behind the Change" emerges as a dynamic dialogue platform,
a conversational "living room" that facilitates discussion on a wide range of topics, reflecting and communicating the multibusiness nature of the Group.

Each episode stands out for its stimulating and engaging dialogue, where ideas, opinions, and experiences are shared among expert guests, opinion leaders, and innovators who are driving change in their fields, supported by the Group's ability to innovate and constantly renew itself.

This journey to and through knowledge is skillfully orchestrated by the voice of Ilaria Cappelluti, whose expert guidance weaves through each dialogue, making the experience even more engaging and interesting for listeners.

The first episode of Stories behind the change explores and delves into the topic of Digital Health: its definitions and potential, the revolutionary impact it promises to bring to global health systems. Hosting the discussion on the topic are two special guests: Daniele Francescon, co-founder of Serenis - the platform that offers online professional psychotherapy services as well as one of the investments of Angelini Ventures, the venture capital firm of Angelini Industries - and Andrea Daniele Signorelli, known for his work as a digital-savvy journalist, freelance writer and podcaster.

An effective narrative ploy to enhance a transformation of the health care system that is, for all intents and purposes, reshaping the contours of health care. An alternative way to give even more voice to an issue that, despite being frequently discussed, remains little known to the general public.

The second episode of Stories Behind the Change offers the opportunity to discover the meaning and implications of a word, or rather, an expression that has been gaining particular fame in recent years: "work-life balance." The concept is explored in the context of the broader dimension of corporate welfare, a necessity that is perhaps still talked about too little, but which is taking on an increasingly decisive role in today's work environment. A second all-female event: guiding users to an understanding of the topic and the "secret" to achieving a good balance between personal and professional life, in fact, Dr. Anna Maria Giannini, Director of the Department of Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome, author, criminologist and reference point for the psychological helpdesk #Angelini4You and Stefania Brucini, Productivity coach and podcaster.

 Again, we come into contact with the topic and a number of related micro-issues that look at change from another perspective, stimulating reflection on the progress of society, lifestyles and priorities of the people in it.

Dedicated to those who wish, wait or fear change.

Stories behind the change is a window into the universe of change. It is an invitation to discover the stories that shape the world and turn challenges into stepping stones to unexplored or only partially explored territories. It is a tool and environment for active and collaborative exchange that highlights the critical importance of acquiring advanced change management skills, making them a fundamental prerequisite for individuals, organizations and society as a whole.

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