Angelini Foundation

Entirely financed by company profits, the Angelini Foundation conducts its activities according to the guiding principle of the Angelini Industries group: taking care of people and families in their daily life. The Foundation supports solidarity projects and interventions in the social, health and cultural fields, with particular attention to the territories in which the Angelini Industries group is present.

The Angelini Foundation is inspired by fundamental and ecumenical values: attention to people, taking care of the moste vulnerable ones, education, respect for everything around us and for the environment in which we live. Timeless and at the same time extraordinary modern values ​​that inspire its gaze to the future.

The Foundation is open to the contribution of all and in addition to social support initiatives, it aims to promote reflection on the most sensitive issues for humanity through initiatives for discussion.

Founded in 2010, it has numerous projects to its credit. Among the most recent, in 2021 he created Casale Angelini, the first Italian "Care House" conceived as a home for welcoming cancer patients undergoing treatment at the University Hospital AOU Ospedali Riuniti in Ancona, the city where the group was born and where it is present with its largest pharmaceutical production plant. The realization of the project was possible thanks to a memorandum of understanding signed by the Angelini Foundation with the Marche Region, the Municipality of Ancona, the Polytechnic University of Marche and the University Hospital AOU Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona, and the Onlus Artis, which manages the farmhouse. .

The Foundation also contributed to the improvement of the DEA structure of the Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona, a hub center for the entire Marche Region.

It has supported initiatives to combat the Covid-19 emergency, including the financing of the automation project of the diagnostics of the laboratories of the Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital in Rome, a donation motivated by the desire not only to react to the emergency but also to encourage research in a long-term perspective.

In collaboration with MadreNatura, the joint venture between Angelini Industries and the Hero Group which operates in the baby food sector, in 2021 it promoted a food adoption project for children of weaning age assisted by Banco Alimentare Lombardia and Banco Alimentare Abruzzo.

Angelini Foundation has at heart the protection of the Italian cultural heritage and the environment; support actions to FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano - for the restoration of Villa Gregoriana in Tivoli, and to INDA (National Institute of Ancient Drama Foundation) for the reopening of the Greek Theater of Syracuse in the last summer season go in this direction.

Recently, the Foundation contributed to the creation of the largest Pediatric Palliative Care Center in Italy, the only one in central Italy, built by the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Fiumicino and inaugurated in March 2022.

It currently supports Unicef ​​and the Italian Red Cross, as well as other organizations involved in the ongoing humanitarian emergency in Ukraine.