Ethics and Compliance

Our approach to ethics

Angelini Industries believes it is necessary to guarantee, promote and consolidate a culture distinguished by decency, integrity and transparency when conducting its activities and with respect to all its stakeholders.

Angelini Industries operates in compliance with rules and regulations, and takes actions to ensure that its entire organisation is committed in this regard. All employees are required to act with integrity in all aspects of their work, and to expect the same from whoever they interact with inside and outside the organisation.

The ethical standards of Angelini Industries demand that we do what is morally correct and responsible when conducting our business, without comprising the moral principles of honesty, legality and compliance, loyalty, reliability, mutual respect and dignity and transparency.

Two important documents adopted by Angelini Industries relate to these basic principles: The Organisation, Management and Control Model, and the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Organisation, Management and Control Model

Angelini Industries and its companies  have adopted and effectively implemented an “Organisation, Management and Control Model”.
The Model was prepared based on Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, guidelines issued by industry organisations as well as specific initiatives already implemented by the Group within its internal audit and risk management systems.
The Model lays out the procedural directives that must be followed during all decision-making and operational stages of business processes. This not only guarantees the proper functioning but also the trustworthiness of management and the Group’s corporate image.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

The values that guide Angelini Industries and the purpose it pursues are the foundations from which the Angelini Industries' Code of Ethics takes shape and substance, along with the awareness that it is only by acting ethically that it is possible to build a better future and achieve sustainable growth for everyone.

The Code of Ethics clearly expresses the set of ethical principles, commitments to stakeholders, responsibilities and common rules of conduct that inspire the daily activities of all those who work for the Angelini Industries, taking into account the importance of their roles, the complexity of their functions and the responsibilities entrusted to them for the pursuit of the Group's goals.

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