Brand Identity

A new visual identity,
a new brand,
A new chapter of our history

The visual identity of our new brand, Angelini Industries, is a fundamental chapter in the story we are writing.

The new direction emanates from the values ​​and purpose that inspire our daily work: unwavering care for people and families in their daily life, with an eye towards the future and the making of a better world. In this world, growth is sustainable for all, and future generations have concrete opportunities to develop and expand their talents in service of their communities and society.

The world does not belong to anyone, but it is a legacy – one that we are collectively responsible to protect and cherish – passed down to our children and the generations to come.

Our Group, more and more, wants to be ‘for’ everyone: for all those who benefit from our work, ideas, and approach.
Across our myriad sectors, in all the various fields that our company explores, in all the products and solutions we create – what unites us is being part of Angelini and therefore upholding our common vision. With this rebranding, we are retelling the world who we are, with renewed strength and conviction.

A new name - Angelini Industries - a new logo, and a new visual language actualize our intention to be a diversified industrial group with an inclusive, dynamic, and evolving DNA, one that builds and grows; welcomes and protects;
and is recognizable in its unity of purpose and action.
This is a leap ahead, to bring our future to the present. Angelini Industries: Industry of Care.

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The overall shape of the symbol is formed by the letter ‘A’ for Angelini, merged with an open-ended circle. The circular shape, together with the straight lines of the letter ‘A’, gives life to a dynamic new symbol, where the bottom lines form a sort of parentheses, an embrace – Angelini’s embrace, consistently open, inclusive and inviting. The brandmark is always blue in its positive version, or white in its reversed one.

Brand Architecture

To share the same vision, values, and purpose means to present a cohesive and consistent global image that shows how all the companies of our Group are part of a singular, unique world. This principle is reflected in the architecture of our identity, which defines the various levels of our brand system. Each company within the Angelini brand utilises the same brand name and logo, distinguishing itself with a descriptor related to the specific area of activity. This applies also to the overall brand, Angelini Industries, that represents both the industrial holding, Angelini Holding, and the industrial group as a whole. From this logo-oriented solution, we clarify visually who we are and what we do.


We are a diversified Group, and we see the world from many different points of view.
For this reason, we want to express ourselves with a standardised color palette that combines the brand blue and white with other colors, forming the core of our visual language.


Words are important, even in their design. That is why we crafted a custom typeface for the Angelini logotype. We also adopted the Barlow typeface as the brand font. It is a family of sans serif and open source fonts, with many typographic weights that allow a broad application, particularly for short texts in either digital or print. For longer text, we chose another graceful typeface, also under free license: Merriweather.

Visual language

In visual communication, brand recognition must be guaranteed – not only in look, but also regarding core values. Therefore, the visual language is a fundamental element of the identity system as the logo itself, as it assures the consistency of the brand’s application on all its touchpoints.
In designing the overall identity, we look to the construction and semantics of the brandmark itself and its curve lines.
The curve lines are extrapolated from the brandmark, and then used creatively as key graphic elements. They can also be used as brackets that embrace, emphasizing the Angelini’s values.


To support the visual storytelling of our values, the photographic style reflects the energy of the ‘embracing’ curves. A curated selection of images show subjects that recall the curves of the brandmark.

Graphic patterns

Taking inspiration from the visual codes of the Brand and its colors, we established graphic patterns in different combinations. They can be used in many variations: as a physical or digital backdrop, as a texture, or as a decorative element.