Vision and Purpose

Unwavering care

Our Vision

A vision is the ‘dream’ of a business and its shareholders; what they would like to bring to fruition in the future. It is the apex of defining the trajectory of a company. It is, ultimately, a vision of the future that shareholders want to shape through their actions. A vision guides development and, together with company values, establishes the culture of a company.
Angelini Industries' vision is to build a better future. We aim to achieve sustainable growth for everyone, with the objective of creating value for new generations.

Our Purpose

Purpose is the raison d’être of an enterprise, representing the imprint it would like to leave on the world; the ‘reason why’ behind all business and organizational decisions. From the purpose derive business choices, products and services, the benefit that the daily actions of the company bring to all its stakeholders and society in general. The focus of purpose is on others and the commitment made by the Group to them. Taking care of people and families in everyday life is the purpose that has always guided us and inspired the quality and attention we put into our products. We listen to the needs and desires of the community and do our best to find new sustainable solutions and opportunities that benefit communities, our employees, and our shareholders.

Angelini Industries: Industry of Care

Take a look at the video that shows our Purpose: unwavering care.