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MadreNatura and Angelini Foundation: food adoption kicks off in collaboration with Banco Alimentare Lombardia and Abruzzo

A path of “food adoption” and help during weaning, marked by the collaboration and the will to give concrete support in this peculiar period. On these premises today sees the start of donations from MadreNatura, joint venture between Angelini Holding and Hero Group, and Angelini Foundation in favour of the children assisted by Banco Alimentare Lombardia and Banco Alimentare Abruzzo through their partner charity organizations.

The project provides for the monthly supply of weaning foods branded HERO Solo to the two Banco Alimentare, who will allocate them to around 150 children between the ages of 4 and 18 months residing in the regions of Lombardy and Abruzzi through partner charity organizations. Logistics of the donations is offered by Fater, exclusive distributor in Italy of HERO Solo products.

Weaning with 100% organic and natural baby foods, prepared with simple ingredients, in line with the goal that MadreNatura sets itself: to bring in the homes where there is a child a healthy growth through a diet based on few and simple ingredients, 100% organic. For the Angelini Foundation, joining this donation project takes place in the name of care and attention for people and for those who most need support.

In addition to food, deliveries will include an album illustrating various ways in which to reuse the glass jars with creativity and fun, for children and families.