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Angelini Investments and NEXTSENSE announce the closure of a €3 million financing round through a reserved capital increase fully subscribed by the financial investments company of the Angelini Industries Group

Rome, November 16, 2023 - Nextsense, an innovative SME of the P&P Patents and Technologies group, active in the field of prevention and control of microbial infections with BIOVITAE technology, and Angelini Investments S.r.l., announce the signing of a pre-Series A financing round totaling 3 million euros in equity. The entire amount is subscribed by the financial investments company of the Angelini Industries Group. This round follows the Seed round concluded in 2022 with Argo2 and Argo3 of Ulixes Capital Partners.

The funds raised in the round will be used to strengthen the company's structure by bringing in new professionals to support the 2024-2025 industrial plan. The aim is to accelerate market penetration in new territories and enhance industrial research and development activities to meet the growing demand for applications of the BIOVITAE technology.

BIOVITAE is the only LED sanitization technology that uses a patented combination of visible (non-UV) spectrum frequencies that can control the proliferation of viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces without risk to people or animals.

"We are pleased to be supported in the development of Biovitae by Angelini Investments, which represents the ideal partner at this stage for the advancement and consolidation of our technology in the market," says Mauro Pantaleo, President and CEO of Nextsense. "In addition to the financial support and the strengthening of Nextsense's equity, the entry of Angelini Investments is capable of propelling Biovitae into a new industrial and commercial dimension, thanks to potential synergies with other entities within the Angelini Industries Group. Over the years, the group has gained a significant position in Italy and Europe in the field of disinfection for infection prevention and control. The support from Angelini Investments will provide a decisive contribution to accelerate and facilitate the market penetration process."

"The investment in Biovitae," commented Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, CEO of Angelini Industries, "is not merely a financial investment. In this new technology, we have seen the potential for a leap in quality that can transform a startup into a unicorn. It is not the first time that, as Angelini Investments, we look at ventures that seem interesting not only for the return on investment but also for the return in terms of quality and innovation of service or product for citizens and the community. This, too, is taking care of people in everyday life."

The issue of infections caused by new pathogenic microorganisms and the phenomenon of bacterial resistance to antibiotics are driving the need for microbiologically safe and secure everyday living environments. A market traditionally dominated by sanitizing UV solutions is now seeing a growing demand for safe, effective, and sustainable solutions that use visible light with sanitizing functionality. These solutions can also be employed as replacements for conventional LED lighting devices.

Biovitae positions itself as one of the most suitable solutions to address this emerging demand, offering products for general lighting to continuously sanitize environments and providing vertical applications.




Nextsense S.r.l. is a translational research company, part of the P&P Patents and Technologies Group, operating in the research and development of innovative technologies with a specific focus on infection control and prevention, as well as combating antimicrobial resistance.

Since its establishment in 2016, Nextsense's business model has been centered around continuous research and development of effective and versatile solutions with low environmental impact to address everyday life challenges.

The market addressed by Nextsense is a continuously growing market that leverages visible light for its functional aspects beyond illumination. This market is currently focused on visual comfort and aspects related to the psychological and neurological impacts of light. However, with BIOVITAE, it adds a new function: the control of microbial proliferation for infection prevention.

The ability to offer completely safe continuous sanitization using UV-free frequencies within the visible light spectrum, while simultaneously emitting natural white light with the same comfort standards as normal high-efficiency LED lighting systems, positions Nextsense as a pioneer in the Human Centric Sanitising Lighting (HCSL) market. As of now, the company boasts a portfolio of 15 patents covering key global markets.



Angelini Investments is the company within Angelini Industries that aims to enhance assets with a medium and long-term perspective. It operates in financial markets through the acquisition and management of minority stakes in Italian and foreign companies, seizing investment opportunities as they arise in the market.

Angelini Industries is a multinational industrial group founded in Ancona in 1919 by Francesco Angelini. Today, it represents a solid and diversified industrial reality, employing approximately 5,800 people and operating in 21 countries worldwide with revenues exceeding 2 billion euros. The group is active in the health, industrial technology, and consumer goods sectors. A growth-oriented investment strategy, constant commitment to research and development, and in-depth knowledge of markets and business sectors make Angelini Industries one of the outstanding Italian entities in its operating segments. For over 100 years, the Angelini family has guided the group's evolution with an entrepreneurial style typical of Italian family capitalism.


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