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  1. Published in the category: Technology & Innovation

    Written by Giovanni Valentini

    Innovate or disappear? Why innovation is necessary but difficult to achieve

    Everyone recognizes that it is necessary to innovate in order to stay competitive, or else face the risk of disappearing. it is also evident that innovating is not easy. Why is it so difficult? Innovating is difficult because managing innovation requires a delicate balance between extremes that often appear to be irreconcilable, even if in reality, they are not.
  2. Published in the category: Caring for the Community

    Written by Redazione Angelini Industries

    Rediscovering the sense of community as therapy

    Those who experience the suffering of a complex disease say it, but even caregivers say it: facilities are needed to ease the burden of commitment and courage. Facilitating a health journey for patients and their families is the premise behind the Casale Angelini project, Italy’s first care house. It is a space and a free accommodation service for cancer patients regulated by a memorandum of understanding signed by the Angelini Foundation, Ospedali Riuniti Hospital of Ancona, the Marche Region, the Municipality of Ancona and the Marche Polytechnic University.
  3. Published in the category: Unwavering Care

    Written by Redazione Angelini Industries

    The value of family businesses in the Italian economic environment

    Family businesses are of strategic importance in the national and European economies. They are different from each other, but all share a deep bond that unites the business with the founding family. Today these kinds of businesses are facing major challenges and changes and having to keep up with innovation.
  4. Published in the category: Technology & Innovation

    Written by Redazione Angelini Industries

    New alliances to face the challenges of the future

    The sharing of human, economic and information resources makes it possible to better respond to the challenges of evolving contexts, such as technology. This awareness has led to the birth of the Industrial Liaison Program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which Angelini Industries has recently joined: a new alliance that opens the door to numerous growth opportunities.
  5. Published in the category: Consumers & People

    Written by Redazione Angelini Industries

    Being new parents is a shared journey

    Becoming a parent is one of the most fascinating and exciting challenges and as such it involves uncertainties, fears and moments of discouragement. Since the time of pregnancy, parents are very attentive to their child’s needs, but it is not always easy to choose from the myriad of products dedicated to their first years of life and beyond. The iMamma Shop was born from this awareness: an e-commerce platform for early childhood and childcare products, the result of the collaboration between Prénatal and Angelini Consumer.
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