Our sustainable impacts

For us, sustainability represents the ability to transform the SDGs from targets to real levers within the business plans underlying our business goals. Our vision is ESG driven in the belief that we can help improve the world if and only if we act on both the natural environment, the social environment and our governance.

All of this in keeping with the Group’s purpose of “taking care of people and families in everyday life”, which identifies long-term value creation as the key objective in formulating the corporate vision and executing sustainable strategies.

Based on listening to and talking with our stakeholders, we have identified five issues of interest and intervention where we can focus our efforts

  1. 01. Governance

    Responsible governance; business integrity and effectiveness; economic growth and financial strength; brand identity.

  2. 02. People

    Human capital development and enhancement; Occupational health and safety; Welfare; Talent attraction; Work-life balance; Patient Advocacy; gender equality and diversity.

  3. 03. Products

    Product quality and reliability; Eco-design; Consumer relations; Patient health and safety; Innovation, research and development; Digital transformation; Green value chain; Procurement and vendor rating.

  4. 04. Environment

    Energy efficiency and renewable source development; Carbon footprint; Circular economy; Waste management; Use of natural resources.

  5. 05. Communities

    Partnerships with research institutions and academia; Community-based investments.

Through our Sustainability Report, we report on the impacts of our activities on the contexts within which we operate

We want to take care of people and families in everyday life, in Italy and around the world, through the quality of our ideas, industrial productions and products. To achieve this goal, we always care about the impacts of our operations on the environment, people, and communities, and we report on them annually in the Sustainability Report.

Our 2021 sustainability figures

Human capital

5,779 employees, including 4,068 in Italy; Over 200,000 total hours of training provided; Angelini Academy Community Empowerment initiatives; Group benefit and welfare system.

Social and relational capital

35 million dollars invested by Angelini Pharma in Open Innovation; 85 new European patent applications in the field of industrial technology; Initiatives to support and collaborate with associations, entities and foundations.

Natural capital

More than 200,000 GJ of self-generated electricity; Consumption of 2.3 million kWh of electricity purchased from renewable sources; 64% of waste generated going to material recovery and recycling processes.