Riccardo Tiscini

Acting Auditor

He graduated from Luiss University with a degree in business and economics in 1993.

He has been an associate professor since 2005 and a full professor for business administration since 2009. He teaches the disciplines of accounting, performance measurement and valuation at the Universitas Mercatorum in Rome (University of Chambers of Commerce) and at Luiss University. He is an MBA and EMBA lecturer at Luiss Business School, as well as at the Higher School of the Judiciary and the Guardia di Finanza’s School of Economic and Financial Police.

He is a member of the boards of directors and auditors at leading companies, including listed companies. He is also a member of the bodies of insolvency proceedings. His professional activity is conducted in business valuation, accounting and financial reporting, attestations and advisory in business crisis, independent business review and business planning, extraordinary finance and forensic advisory. He is a member of committees of scientific societies and professional bodies.