Angelini Industries operates in the pharmaceutical sector with Angelini Pharma.

Angelini Pharma is an international group that researches, develops and markets health solutions with a prevalent focus on the areas of Brain Health, including mental health and epilepsy, Rare Diseases and Consumer Healthcare. It operates in 20 countries and employs over 3,000 people. 

Angelini Pharma is an integrated company, with extensive and recognized Research and Development programs, “World Class” production facilities and international marketing of active ingredients and leading pharmaceuticals in many market sectors.

Research has identified over the years active ingredients of great importance such as trazodone and benzydamine; programs are currently active for the development of new treatments to better adapt the therapy to the specific needs of the various patients. The company has public-private partnerships with universities and centers of excellence at a national and international level, recognizing scientific collaborations as an important contribution in creating innovation.

Angelini Pharma in figures

  1. 20 countries in which Angelini Pharma is directly present
  2. 5 Production plants worldwide
  3. 70+ countries in which products are marketed
  4. 40+ commercial partners
  5. 3,000 Employees

The 5 production plants of Angelini Pharma are at the forefront of technologies and industry standards as well as environmental protection, thanks to the use and integration of renewable sources. They are located, in Ancona (Finished Products), Aprilia - LT (Raw Materials) and Casella - GE (Amuchina brand products) - Italy. In Barcelona, ​​Spain, it produces food supplements such as Pastillas Juanola. In Albany, Georgia -US (ThermaCare Heatwrap Products).

Angelini Pharma is directly present in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, France, UK, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway , Iceland, Russia and the USA

Strategic alliances with leading global pharmaceutical groups now allow the distribution of Angelini Pharma drugs all over the world. These include Trittico® (trazodone, antidepressant), Latuda® (lurasidone hydrochloride, antipsychotic), Tantum® (benzydamine, anti-inflammatory), Aulin® (nimesulide, anti-inflammatory analgesic), Vellofent® (fentanyl, analgesic), and Xydalba® (dalbavancancic), antibiotic).

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