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100% sustainability in Fater

In Fater, sustainability is a leading concern in all the company’s activities across the board. One example comes from the logistics department.

The “Plus” project involves making the most efficient possible use of the vertical load volume of trucks in order to decrease the number of shipments. Fater stacks additional product layers, placed on a second pallet, on top of the standard pallet. The way in which the products are arranged on the pallet is determined by a proprietary algorithm based on packaging resistance and taking into account product rotation at the client’s premises.

The project, which was completed in 2018, means 1,000 fewer trucks used for shipments per year (the equivalent of the volume being transported) as well as reducing the CO2 equivalent by 600 tonnes and the PMx by 35.24 kg.
An additional contribution to the removal of trucks from the roads has consisted of concentrating the production of household and fabric detergents at the Campochiaro (CB) plant, where the creation of a modern, automated warehouse has allowed logistical re-routing and the elimination of a further 2,000 trucks from circulation.
The two projects combined have reduced the number of trucks in circulation by approximately 3,000 per year, saving around 1,800 tonnes of CO2 equivalent from going into the environment.