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Angelini Beauty: the launch of the new fragrance, Trussardi Riflesso Blue Vibe

A dinner party in Milan provided the setting for the launch of the new fragrance for men, Trussardi Riflesso Blue Vibe.

Guests were welcomed by the Editor-in-Chief of GQ Italia, Giovanni Audiffredi, as well as Jordi Balleste and Lluìs Plà, the CEO and General Manager of Angelini Beauty respectively. What followed was a celebration of the new perfumery adventure embarked upon by the fashion house symbolised by the iconic greyhound.

The dinner was attended by actors and famous faces from the worlds of television, business and entertainment, including Tomaso Trussardi, Michelle Hunziker, Maddalena Corvaglia with Alessandro Viani, Aurora Ramazzotti, Loris De Luna, Alessio Lapice, Daniela Collu, Lucilla Agosti with Andrea Romiti, and Romano Reggiani. They were joined by a group of 20 from Condé Nast’s Social Talent Agency and a selection of important influencers from Italy and abroad, who embodied the style of GQ and Trussardi Parfums for the duration of the evening.