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Angelini Careers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube: #FollowUs

Angelini Careers is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Our goal? To attract and retain top talents and increase the Angelini Group’s brand awareness.
The Angelini Group is launching Angelini Careers, a social media communication campaign to bring attention to the news, people and projects that make Angelini one of the most desirable workplaces in Italy and Europe.
Through Angelini Careers, we intend to express our way of doing business, following the highest ethical and meritocratic standards in valuing individuals.
For us at Angelini, the feeing of belonging in the company is the key to understanding every success story in which groups of unique and diverse people come to work together, sharing their values and goals.

Follow us! Every week we publish initiatives, interviews, projects, job fairs and job postings. We use Instagram stories, Facebook and LinkedIn posts and videos on Youtube to describe the main aspects of life at Angelini in an open, modern and transparent way.

See you there!