Angelini Industries at the Trento Economy Festival

Angelini Industries, an Italian industrial group active in the health care, industrial technology and Consumer Goods sectors, with 5,800 employees in 21 countries and more than 2 billion euros in revenues, is once again confirmed for the 2024 edition among the top partners of the Trento Economy Festival.

The presence of Angelini Industries in Trento will involve the participation of top executives from the Group and its subsidiaries in four thematic panels of the official program: in particular, the CEO of Angelini Industries, Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, will be among the key speakers at the session "Leadership Crisis and the Decline of the West", while Jacopo Andreose, CEO of Angelini Pharma, will contribute to the panel "Are We Ready for a New Pandemic?"; Paolo Di Giorgio, CEO of Angelini Ventures, will participate in "Protecting Health with Data Medicine", while Antonio Fazzari, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Fater – a 50/50 joint venture between Angelini Industries and Procter & Gamble – will be among the speakers at the session "Social Sustainability: The Future Lies in Diversity. Businesses Between Inclusion and Merit". Additionally, Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, CEO of Angelini Industries, will also speak at the session "Leadership Styles and New Generations", organized as part of the Fuori Festival.

And it is precisely the theme of the relationship between generations that will be the focus of the "Connecting Generations" initiative, through which Angelini Industries will promote, within the scope of the Fuori Festival, a series of four meetings centered around young people:

  • "The Challenge of the Future: Beyond Rare Lands, Rare People," an in-depth study curated by Angelini Technologies-Fameccanica, the division of Angelini Industries dedicated to industrial technologies, on the gap between the demand for STEM professions and the students who actually choose such paths;
  • "Expectations of young people and needs of companies: is there harmony?", designed by Angelini Academy, the corporate academy of Angelini Industries, which is promoting a debate to highlight the role of corporate academies in placing young people in companies through the development of skills that go beyond the traditional educational path;
  • "Formula Anti-Hate, the value of words and gestures," proposed by Fater, to talk about the "ACE Formula Anti-Hate" project that aims to promote a new culture of "clean" aimed at combating hate in all its forms and raising awareness, including among the younger generation, about the spread of a more inclusive language;
  • "New Generations, New Challenges: How Sustainability Changes Young People's Perspectives and Attitudes," conceived by Angelini Industries to delve into the relationship of young people with ESG issues, thanks to a research whose exclusive results will be presented.

"Connecting Generations" will host also at the Caritro Foundation in Trento the photographic and multimedia exhibition "Rosa's Pills." This innovative artistic project, supported by Angelini Pharma, focuses on the mental health journey of multimedia artist Rosa Miranda, through the sensitive lens of creative director and photographer Enrico Rassu.

The exhibition will feature Rassu's vivid shots along with Miranda's 32 Pills blanket. The photographs capture her friend Miranda's complex artistic performance in New York City, which ended after her journey of using medication to treat her psychological and emotional well-being.