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Angelini Industries awarded at Smau Milano 2023 as Top Innovation Ambassador

The digital transformation project applied to process innovation in Angelini Pharma's production lines also received the SMAU 2023 Innovation Award

Angelini Industries was among the protagonists of the 2023 edition of SMAU Milan, the reference event in Italy on the topics of open innovation and start-ups, held on 18 and 19 October.

Many initiatives and events organized by the Innovation Team of Angelini Industries during the two days in Milan, which saw the participation of a team of 25 people from Angelini Industries and the group's opcos.

The group has set up a real "Matching Area" in the SMAU pavilion, a physical meeting point with start-ups and institutions, within which innovative and attractive methods of engagement have also been proposed:

  • Metaverse: our matching area has been replicated in the virtual world to spread information about our reality and track any expressions of interest (for example meeting requests) of the realities present at the event or visitors
  • Holomini – in the stand there was an example of a hologram with “The 10 false myths of innovation” by the Group Chief Innovation Officer Stefano Brandinali

Stefano Brandinali himself was among the speakers at the opening event of the event, a round table entitled "Open Innovation: welcome to the age of results". The Open Innovation paradigm for companies globally has reached a new phase, defined as the "age of results", aimed at measuring the results produced, highlighting the metrics linked to innovation projects regarding the generation of profit and the reduction of costs. What are the priorities for today's innovation leaders? What are the characteristics of Chief Innovation Officers in companies? What keeps Innovation Executives up at night? These are some of the topics under discussion.

Tiziana Carnicelli, Group Education, HR Communication & Engagement Head of Angelini Industries and Marco Bagalini, Head of IT Demand Management of Angelini Pharma also took part in working groups dedicated respectively to "Good practices for spreading the culture of innovation in the company" and “Innovation at the service of patients and personal well-being”, together with other exponents of the Italian business world.

Over 40 start-ups met and 6 meetings with institutions among those present at the event.

Participation in SMAU earned the group two valuable recognitions: for the first time ever Angelini Industries was named "Top Innovation Ambassador", for spreading the culture of innovation in the company and for its willingness to share good practices with the national and international innovation ecosystem; the “SMAU 2023 Innovation Award” was also awarded to the Angelini Pharma project dedicated to the innovation of processes in production lines.

“Innovating in the company lays the foundations for planning a solid future for the company and contributes to business development - for example, allowing us to improve productivity and operational efficiency. For this reason it is important to promote a culture of innovation within companies, even in those consolidated entities characterized by consistently positive track records, such as Angelini Industries", declared the Group Chief Innovation Officer Stefano Brandinali.