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Bertani Domains reveals its vision at Vinitaly

The group’s stand at the Italian wine exhibition describes the new vision embraced by its six wineries.

For Bertani Domains, Vinitaly 2019, held from 7 to 10 April in Verona, represented a major opportunity to communicate its vision and its philosophy, as well as putting its outstanding wine production on display.

The goal of this year’s stand was to reaffirm a communicative approach aimed at full transparency: it is elegant and restrained, with its dominating features the minimalism of the white and the subtle texture, enticing visitors to enter and discover more about the group’s true identity.

Bertani Domains expresses its identity in this way to allow the spotlight to shine on the results obtained during its second year of management as an agricultural enterprise. A difficult, courageous decision which saw the group investing in the value of its own wine-growing assets (which currently consist of 453 hectares under vine, spread between the regions of Veneto, Tuscany, Friuli and Le Marche).

A decision which today gives a more accurate reflection of the true nature of our group, and particularly of the companies that belong to it. A decision which increases the responsibilities of our companies, both in terms of our stature in the territories where we have a presence, and our responsibilities towards the markets.

Emilio Pedron, Chief Executive Officer of Bertani Domains

Bertani Domains is also working to obtain organic certification for Tenuta Novare, Bertani’s historic vineyard and an icon of production for the whole Valpolicella Classica region (where the famous Amarone Classico Bertani is produced), and for Tenuta Trerose, the vineyard at the heart of the region producing Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.