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Fameccanica: winner of "The Procurement Award" 2019

On 23 May last, Fameccanica received an award during The Procurement Awards 2019 – Beyond saving, the event organised by The Procurement Magazine and held at Milan’s National Museum of Science and Technology.

Fameccanica was recognised as one of the best companies which work with inter-departmental teams by a jury made up of representatives from some of Italy’s top companies (such as Ferrero, Alitalia, Banca Mediolanum and others). During her speech, Logistics Manager Paola Blasi described Fameccanica’s “Design to Value” project. The key principles for this project are a synergic approach, an efficient flow of information between the various corporate departments, and strong relationships with suppliers. Put together, these factors are leading to significant results in terms of reducing costs and times throughout the purchasing process, and the development of a Supply Chain suited to the current situation.