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ISTAO e UNITRE present the event “ANGELINI: protagonists of the Italian pharmaceutical industry”

Marco Morbidelli, Chief HR and Organization Officer of Angelini Holding, will represent the Angelini group during the "ANGELINI: protagonists of the Italian pharmaceutical industry" event, to be held on Wednesday 12 May at 4.30 pm, online on the Zoom platform.

The seminar represents the fifth appointment of the cycle "The voices of the protagonists of the Marche", promoted by ISTAO - Istituto Adriano Olivetti and UNITRE, and is an opportunity to tell the group from the beginning, in 1919 by the Marche pharmacist Francesco Angelini, up to to date: the constant commitment to research and development, the propensity to innovate for the improvement of production and managerial processes and the progressive expansion into new market segments and territories are the ingredients that have led Angelini Holding today to lead an international multi-business industrial group which operates directly in 26 countries with approximately 5,700 people.

The initial greetings from Sergio Strali, President of UNITRE, and Pietro Marcolini, President of ISTAO, will be followed by speeches by the manager from the Marche region Amedeo Giustini, now CEO of Prénatal Retail Group, by the historian Andrea Colli, professor of Economic History at Bocconi University, and Marco Morbidelli, Chief HR and Organization Officer of Angelini Holding.

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