Alessandra Favilli appointed External and Institutionale Relations Director of Angelini Holding

Alessandra Favilli will be tasked with overseeing the central communications department, which will liaise with all of the Angelini Group companies.

Rome, 2 March 2020 – Alessandra Favilli begins her career at Angelini Holding today in the role of External and Institutional Relations Director.

This new position at Holding has been created as part of a project to reorganise the structure of the Group, which controls Angelini Pharma, Bertani Domains, Fater and Fameccanica, the latter two joint ventures with Procter & Gamble.

In this role, Alessandra will report directly to the CEO of Angelini Holding.

Despite studying science at university, Alessandra immediately began her career in communications, gaining experience in various different areas: journalism, as a contributor to the Milan page of daily newspaper La Repubblica, advertising and finally PR, a field she moved into after completing the “historic” ISFORP Master’s founded by Aldo Chiappe.

After a few years as an entrepreneur, in 2003 she joined the Publicis Group, first as vice president of MS&L and later as a director at Publicis Consultant. Between 2006 and 2007 she was in charge of structuring and organising the international communications department of Magneti Marelli Holding.

In 2008 she joined Hill+Knowlton Strategy as Corporate Communication Director and became CEO in 2015.

Alessandra is vice president of Azione Contro la Fame, an international NGO with offices in Europe and America.

“I’m proud to be part of the Angelini Group’s restructuring project – comments Alessandra Favilli - and happy to be alongside the new generation of company leaders. My aim, as External and Institutional Relations Director of Angelini Holding, and that of the department is to create a common, shared culture between all of the Group’s companies, operating as a competency centre and source of inspiration to support all of the operating companies”.

“Transparent dialogue with stakeholders, whether institutions, employees or consumers, is increasingly vital for constructing relationships of mutual trust and collaboration. With the arrival of Alessandra – comment Vice Presidents Thea Paola Angelini and Sergio Marullo di Condojanni - we want to begin a new chapter for the Group which on one hand will increasingly open it to the rest of the world and on the other create the foundations for a shared and common communications approach among all Group companies.”


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