Angelini Foundation in support of Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital in the fight against Coronavirus

The 1 million euros donation will reinforce research laboratories where COVID-19 was isolated in Italy for the first time.
Acceleration of diagnostic processes and safety for healthcare workers are the focus of the project to which the donation is directed.

At this time of national health emergency, the Angelini Foundation has decided to fund in its entirety the project for automation in diagnostics for Infectious Diseases in virological research laboratories, essential to facilitate the work of biologists and virologists studying Coronavirus. Funding is directed towards a project for the development of lines of differential diagnosis for infectious diseases, with the purchase of equipment for the automation of the diagnostic process that will speed up early diagnosis, also improving safety for healthcare workers.

Automation will thus significantly affect the time factor, a crucial aspect in diagnostic processes: what normally required days of work will be completed in just a few hours. Not to mention the safety of healthcare workers who, thanks to the process automation, will reach a practically 0 risk of being infected, and will so have the possibility to concentrate on other research and laboratory activities.

The development of the automation system in laboratories, entirely funded by the Angelini Foundation, will allow for faster results, benefit from making fewer mistakes, and so at lower costs.

“For our Institute, always at the forefront in the fight against epidemics – remarked Director General Marta Brancaa national and international point of reference, having an ally such as the Angelini Foundation means being able to obstruct the Coronavirus epidemic and global pandemic at levels of excellence. So, a concrete support in the fight against disease that occurs in a situation where closeness and national unity remind us that a donation, be it big or small, can save somebody’s life”.

“Aiming to support those on the front line in the fight against Coronavirus – said Angelini Foundation President Francesco Angeliniwe asked ourselves which way was most effective to contribute. We thus decided to contact the Spallanzani Hospital, asking them to point out to us specific projects in need of direct support. In agreement with the Infectious Diseases Department, we decided to entirely fund the project for automation in diagnostics of infectious diseases, convinced as we are that intervening on research means not only reacting to the emergency, but more importantly supporting the hope of finding treatments and vaccines for this infection and for other serious infectious diseases”.

The duration of automation process, that will begin as soon as possible, will be a few months, after which laboratories will be able to immediately begin activities according to the new operating procedures.

The Angelini Foundation is inspired by fundamental and ecumenical values: attention to people, safeguard of the most vulnerable, respect for our surroundings and for the environment we live in. Timeless values and yet also extraordinarily modern inspiring the view into the future.

The Foundation is open to any input and has a double purpose. On one side, to promote conversations on the most sensitive issues for humanity through dialogue initiatives, a sort of think-tank inspired by its values. On the other, to take action by promoting and funding charities and social promotion through solidarity engagements.

The Angelini Foundation, created by Cav. Francesco Angelini, is entirely funded by corporate profits.


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