Angelini Holding: revenues growing in 2020

Strong push on business diversification and focus on potential acquisitions

Rome, July 27, 2021 – Angelini Holding - the industrial holding company of the Group, an Italian multinational with a presence in 26 countries and 5,700 employees, operating in the pharmaceutical, consumer (personal care and home and textile hygiene, baby food and weaning), industrial machinery, wine, perfumery and dermocosmetics sectors - closed its 2020 consolidated financial statements with a value of revenues from sales and services of 1.699 billion Euro, up 3.8% compared to 2019 (1.637 billion Euro).

The gross operating margin amounted to 259.28 million Euro (or 15.26% of revenues) up 18.44% (+40.36 million Euro) compared to 218.92 million Euro in 2019 (or 13.37% of revenues).

Profit before tax amounted to 159.906 million Euro, up 14.6% compared to 2019. The net profit, in turn, was 130.86 million Euro, compared to 149.21 million Euro in the previous year due to amortization, depreciation, provisions, value adjustments and an increase in taxes of more than 38 million Euro.

Today Angelini is a diversified multinational industrial group present in 26 countries with strong roots in Italy, where 67% of its revenues are generated and processed, 4,005 of its total 5,700 employees work, and 6 of its 12 production sites are active. The remaining revenues come from European Union countries (25.1%), non-EU Europe (3.71%) and the rest of the world (U.S.A., China: 4.09%).