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Angelini Industries publishes its 2021 sustainability report: less plastic and more sustainable packaging

Angelini Industries, an Italian multi-business group operating in 21 countries, with a turnover of 1.725 billion euros and 5,800 employees, has published its 2021 sustainability report, mrating the impact of its ESG activities

The environmental performance of Group companies in 2021:

Angelini Pharma decreased its CO2 emissions by 1,000 tonnes

Fameccanica is building a dedicated sustainable packaging facility

Fater launched Ace Green with virgin plastic-free packaging

Angelini Beauty restyled the packaging of its Mandarina Duck fragrances, cutting CO2 emissions by 83%

Angelini Wines & Estates completed its first completely organic harvest


Rome – 9 November 2022 – Angelini Industries has published its 2021 sustainability report, rating the impact of activities of the Italian multi-business Group that operates in the health, large-scale retail, industrial technology, fragrance and skincare and winemaking sectors, with regard to the environmental, social and governance aspects.

Decrease in the use of plastic and CO2 emissions, recycling and recovery of 64% of the waste generated, 200,000 gigajoules of electricity self-produced and 200,000 hours of employees training: these are just a few of the achievements described in the 2021 report, which for the first time includes the foreign branches of the Group that now operates in 21 countries, with a turnover of 1.725 billion euros and 5,800 employees, of which more than 4,000 in Italy.

“We are convinced that companies, also in the light of the future goals defined in European regulations on ESG criteria, must place the right emphasis on all aspects of sustainability, environment, society and governance, in order to aim for harmonious development, which includes the needs of people”  commented Sergio Marullo di Condojanni and Thea Paola Angelini, the CEO and Executive Vice President of Angelini Industries, respectively “We wanted to provide a detailed description of our commitment on these three fronts, convinced that the growth of our industrial Group will pass and will increasingly pass through the generation of value for all Stakeholders.

On the social level, in 2021, Fondazione Angelini, which is entirely funded by the Group’s profits, made it possible to sponsor 15 projects. These included Casale Angelini in Ancona, the first Italian “care house”, which provides free accommodation for cancer patients treated at Ancona’s Riuniti Hospital. Fondazione Angelini also contributed to the creation of the largest Paediatric palliative care facility in Italy, which was established by the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Rome, and supported the Post-Covid Day Hospital of Agostino Gemelli University Hospital Foundation, providing patients with care in the period following recovery from the virus.

As regards governance, the report describes the Angelini Industries organisation system, one of the most innovative in the world of family-run companies, which combines the long-term vision typical of family businesses, with the best market practices of public companies.

In the environmental field, Angelini Industries’ efforts focus on the development of new, more sustainable wrapping materials, packaging and production processes.

  • Angelini Pharma is in the process of replacing PVC plastic with PET, which allows better and more extensive recycling of the material and has reduced its CO2 emissions by 1,000 tonnes, by improving the energy efficiency of its manufacturing sites.
  • Fameccanica, which designs and develops industrial manufacturing technologies, robotics and services, is working on an environmentally-sustainable packaging project. The company, which has been entirely owned by Angelini Industries since June, was also included among the 100 Italian companies to have distinguished themselves on the sustainable development front within the context of the “Sustainability Award” sponsored by the Kon Group and Credit Suisse, based on the Altis Università Cattolica and Reprisk ESG rating system.
  • Fater, the Angelini Industries - Procter & Gamble joint venture, launched Ace Green, the first line of Ace home care products with recycled cardboard and plastic packaging. The goal is to halve the use of virgin plastic in all its products by 2025.
  • Angelini Beauty, a fragrance and skin care company, was the first Italian company to apply the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method to a fragrance, in order to assess its environmental impact. This made it possible to reduce the weight of the glass bottle and the use of plastic and paper in the production of Mandarina Duck fragrance packs, thereby cutting its CO2 emissions by 83%.
  • In its six wineries, Angelini Wines & Estates is committed to creating a water-saving system for agricultural management. At its Trerose Estate, which carried out its first entirely organic harvest in 2021, more than 50,000 cubic metres of rainwater were collected for vineyard irrigation.


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