Innovation: Angelini Industries joins the Industrial Liaison Program at MIT

The Italian multinational group has joined the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a program dedicated to large companies and aimed at establishing a dialog with the world’s most important university for research applied to industrial development.

Angelini Industries will explore areas related to sustainable manufacturing, automation and industrial robotics.


Rome, 17 May 2022 Angelini Industries – an Italian multinational group operating in 26 countries with 5,700 employees in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, industrial technology, wine, perfumery and dermocosmetics sectors – has joined the Industrial Liaison Program run by MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The program initiated by MIT – a university based in Cambridge (Boston), one of the world leaders in research applied to industry and the development of production processes – is intended to “enable companies around the world to take advantage of MIT’s resources in order to meet current challenges and anticipate future needs” in the field of technology.

The Industrial Liaison Program is open to multinationals and companies with annual revenues in excess of $500 million that are interested in long-term collaboration with MIT: today, over 600 companies from 33 countries are members, of which only 6 are Italian.

The first application of the membership with ILP will involve Fameccanica, an international company specialized in automation and robotics for the consumer goods industry and wholly owned by Angelini Industries, which, as part of the Industrial Liaison Program, will implement a six-month action plan to explore possible synergies between MIT’s applied research programs and the company’s development projects in robotics, industrial automation, and sustainable manufacturing.

Looking into other possible opportunities are also expected to cover the pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors.

The membership agreement between Angelini Industries and MIT, set up by Angelini Academy, the Group’s “corporate academy” that deals with employee training, skill development and professional growth, will run for two years and will provide Angelini Industries with an opportunity to connect with researchers and with the approximately 2,000 startups linked to MIT in various areas (biotechnology, ICT, nanotechnology, health, etc.). MIT students may also be involved in doctoral studies and research projects at Angelini Industries companies. Finally, Angelini Academy will identify training and research programs at the American university for the entire workforce, with a view to increasing technological professional skills.



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