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The Angelini Foundation: support for 2,000 businesses in the Marche region

The Restart project, established by the Angelini Foundation, supports small businesses in the Marche region in the sectors most affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic.

It has already reached 2,000 small businesses in the tourism, commerce, personal services, and fashion sectors.

 The initiative has received 2 million euros worth of funding from the Angelini Foundation and achieved the scientific support of the Marche Polytechnic University in cooperation with Confartigianato, Confcommercio, Confesercenti, CNA and the Confidi UNI.CO. and FI.M.CO.S.T.


Ancona, december 20th 2022

Tangible support for small businesses in the Marche region, helping them to overcome the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 crisis: this is the objective of Restart, the project set up by the Angelini Foundation, an expression of the Italian multi-business group Angelini Industries, which has already provided 1.3 million euros for 2,000 small businesses in the hardest-hit sectors: tourism, commerce, personal services, and the fashion industry.

With Restart, a project brought to life with the scientific support of the Marche Polytechnic University and in collaboration with Confartigianato, Confcommercio, Confesercenti, CNA and the Confidi UNI.CO. and FI.M.CO.S.T., the Angelini Foundation is offering up 2 million euros in total. Besides the 1.3 million already granted to some 2,000 businesses represented by the 4 trade associations involved and the area's Confidi (credit guarantee consortia), an additional 700,000 euros will be provided.

Beneficiaries include bars, restaurants, pizzerias, diners, hair salons, auto repair shops, construction companies, launderettes and retail stores, etc.. All of these are small or very small businesses, often family-run, which constitute the Italian economic fabric.

With Restart, the Angelini Foundation intends to support the areas where Angelini Industries, an Italian multinational which the Foundation is an expression of, is most deeply rooted; founded in Ancona in 1919, it is active today in 21 countries in the health, consumer goods, industrial technology, perfume and dermocosmetics and wine sectors. For this reason, the project which was launched in the Marche region, will also be extended to other areas where Angelini Industries is present with its production sites.

Small businesses with less than 10 employees or a turnover or active capital of less than 1 million euros have benefited from the 1.3 million euros already handed out.

The grant made it possible for said businesses to pay off all or most of the small debts that had mounted up after purchasing goods and services (accounting, management, tax) provided by the associations or third-party suppliers, and to support them in paying the interest on loans not exceeding 50,000 euros provided by the Confidi.

Beneficiary companies were identified by trade associations and the Confidi on the basis of criteria conceived by the Marche Polytechnic University; this included belonging to Ateco categories subject to closure during the pandemic.

The Marche Polytechnic University, in its role as a third party, is overseeing all phases of the project and will carry out a post-intervention impact study that will measure the value generated by the Angelini Foundation’s donation.


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The Angelini Foundation supports solidarity projects and measures in the social, health and culture areas with a special focus on the areas in which the Angelini Industries Group is present

Entirely funded by the company’s profits, the Foundation conducts its activities according to the guiding principle of the Angelini Industries Group: taking care of people and families in everyday life. In 2021, it created Casale Angelini, Italy's first "Care House" designed as a home to accommodate cancer patients undergoing treatment at the AOU Ospedali Riuniti University Hospital of Ancona free of charge. More recently, it has supported the creation of the largest Pediatric Palliative Care Center in Italy, built by the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital in Fiumicino, as well as multiple initiatives to combat the Covid-19 emergency. The Angelini Foundation also supports Unicef in establishing shelters for families and children fleeing the war in Ukraine, as well as other organizations involved in the ongoing humanitarian emergency.


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