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The Angelini group’s “MyA” included among the Nielsen Norman Group's 10 best Intranets of 2020

A new digital work environment designed for people and with people:
The Angelini group revitalises its Digital Workplace with the help of Avanade
The project saw the creation of the Angelini Holding website, the Angelini Academy website and the new Intranet, which has been singled out for praise by the Nielsen Norman Group as one of the “10 best Intranets of 2020”
Milan, 21st January 2020 – To revitalise and define a unique Digital Identity for the Angelini group: these objectives were the cornerstones of a project that saw Angelini, an international health and wellness leader in the pharmaceutical and mass-market sectors, team up with Avanade, a leading digital innovator in the Microsoft ecosystem. Their challenge was to restyle and create new digital work environments: the Intranet, Angelini Holding’s website, and the website for the Angelini Academy.

The new Intranet, called MyA, gives all employees access to a collaborative, innovative and user-friendly environment where they can find all the digital tools they need in their everyday activities, as well as corporate communications and updates, in order to promote synergy and collaboration between the Angelini group’s different lines of business and geographic locations. These attributes earned the project the much-coveted seal of approval from the Nielsen Norman Group as one of its 10 best Intranets of 2020. In explaining the reasoning behind its selection for an Intranet Design Annual Award,  the Nielsen Norman Group states: “This attractive Intranet blends utility with playfulness. The Intranet team dedicated careful thought and attention to making this Intranet a key player in the organisation’s strategic mission to unify its diverse business sectors and locations”.
Within just 6 months of its launch, MyA has achieved significant results in terms of employee engagement, recording average sessions (browsing and interacting with contents) of 13 minutes per visit, evenly distributed across all the group’s geographic locations. Specifically, the most visited pages — apart from the Home Page and the section dedicated to news — were Focus on Angelini100, dedicated to the Angelini group’s centenary celebrations in 2019, and my_angelini_academy, the area dedicated to the group’s Corporate Academy. The chatbot, “Angela”, has also met with great success, being contacted over 2,000 times.

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The home page of MyA, Angelini group's Digital Workplace

The birth of the new MyA Intranet is an example of the process of cultural change that Angelini has undertaken recently. The group’s new values — Innovation, engaging people and a focus on results — have acted as a guide in the process of revitalising our internal communications platform,” explained Marco Morbidelli, HR Chief & Organization Officer of Angelini Holding. “In just 6 months, the launch of this new digital workplace has earned us significant accolades and global visibility, such as our inclusion among the Nielsen Norman Group’s 10 best Intranets of 2020.”
Thanks to the new solutions adopted by the Angelini group, the employees served by the Intranet can now benefit from mobile access as well as personalising the interface to prioritise what is most relevant to them based on their role, company and location. Moreover, MyA facilitates collaboration and content creation thanks to seamless access to Microsoft Teams, as well as documents and appointments on Outlook.
The new Intranet is a milestone in the group’s digital transformation and represents the creation of a true digital workplace. MyA offers and integrates IT capable of efficiently managing the exponential growth of both exogenous and endogenous information, supporting an increasingly connected and complex work environment,” stated Marco Lanza, Chief Information Officer of Angelini Holding. The UX for MyA was designed in partnership with Avanade with the aim of tackling this growing complexity, and it gives its all in terms of engaging and motivating employees, who are effectively placed at the centre of an information ecosystem, free from organisational silos, infrastructural barriers and difficulties in realising objectives.
Avanade had a key role to play in the success of the project, working alongside Angelini to create a functional and high-value technological platform which takes into account the needs of employees, in line with the group’s objectives and values, and adopting the right mixture of Design Thinking, Agile methodology and technological consultancy.
The results achieved in the Angelini project represent a positive endorsement of our “human-centred” approach to constructing a Workplace  Experience,” according to Francesca Tassistro, Global Experience Design Lead for Avanade. “People, along with their needs and their expectations, are the true target in every project that aims to improve working processes. For this reason, we always include a significant sample of employees in the planning and development stages, using the classic techniques of social research (surveys, interviews and focus groups) and participatory design. Productivity, efficiency and growth are the natural consequences of putting people at the heart of the planning process.”