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With AskAI Angelini Industries embraces the benefits of Microsoft's generative AI

Angelini Industries is among the first companies in Italy to leverage Microsoft Azure OpenAI to develop generative AI solutions for all employees

Already in use at the group's operating companies in the country, the implementation will cover all group companies globally by mid-2024

Milan, 10 aprile 2024Angelini Industries, an Italian industrial group active in the health, industrial technology and Consumer Goods sectors, today announced AskAI, a project for the integration of generative AI within the company's processes, developed in collaboration with Microsoft Italy.

Angelini Industries, together with Microsoft, has provided employees with new Generative Artificial Intelligence tools to support professional activities. AskAI will be made available to all operating companies within the group worldwide through an adoption plan that has already begun in Italy and will be completed by mid-2024.

AskAI is a solution based on the OpenAI templates available through the Microsoft Azure platform, specifically GPT 3.5-turbo, and which translates concretely into a web app that can be used from both desktop and mobile devices and can currently support the group's employees in the drafting of content, texts and translations. Already available for all functions as a personal productivity application, in a second phase Angelini Industries together with Microsoft will proceed with the development of specific vertical solutions, to support, for example, legal and HR teams respectively in the creation, analysis, and search of contracts and patents and in matching open positions with professional profiles, and representatives in the pharmaceutical field for training activities. Generative Artificial Intelligence will also soon be used to work alongside the client technical support team to speed up maintenance and troubleshooting activities on machinery for the absorbent hygiene products and household and personal care consumer goods sector produced by Angelini Technologies, the industrial technology division of Angelini Industries. 

In this project, the Microsoft Azure cloud provided the technology stack for the reference architecture, guaranteeing not only the model that is the "core" of AskAI, but also the application components typical of new application development with Large Language Models (such as the Azure AI Search for vectorization of Angelini Industries' data) ensuring high levels of security and scalability.

In parallel, Angelini Industries is also complementing the technological implementation with a training and awareness program for employees focused on AI, particularly generative AI, to ensure that everyone is able to fully grasp its benefits and best practices for use through conscious and responsible use.

"Angelini Industries has always placed innovation at the core of its values and, because of this, has decided to embrace, consciously and responsibly and safely, generative Artificial Intelligence. We want to expose all people in the Group to new tools based on this technology that can immediately impact personal productivity and serve as a gateway to a new paradigm in which we see Artificial Intelligence acting more and more as a co-pilot in the performance of their work at all levels.  We have embarked on this journey in a structured way, implementing a training plan and providing the appropriate support to be able to understand the potential and limitations of AI with the goal of identifying and implementing personal productivity tools such as AskAI and specific valuable use cases for our different businesses," commented Carlo Torniai, Group Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Angelini Industries.

"We are very happy to see how Italian companies are embracing the change that generative AI is producing, benefiting not only productivity and growth but also the enhancement of human talent and ingenuity. Microsoft is accompanying Angelini Industries on this journey, one of the first companies in Italy to initiate this transformation. We are convinced that the company will be able to fully grasp the potential and all the opportunities opened by generative AI and we are committed to continue to support them to respond in an increasingly timely and personalized way to their needs," said Marco Castiglione Director of the Pharma, Manufacturing and Mobility Market at Microsoft Italia.

Angelini Industries

Angelini Industries is a multinational industrial group founded in Ancona in 1919 by Francesco Angelini. Today it represents a solid and articulated industrial reality that employs about 5,800 people and operates in 21 countries worldwide with revenues of more than 2 billion euros, generated in the health, industrial technology and Consumer Goods sectors. An investment strategy focused on growth; constant commitment to research and development; and in-depth knowledge of markets and business sectors make Angelini Industries one of the Italian companies of excellence in the sectors in which it operates.The Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact and finding increasingly cutting-edge solutions with a view to the circular economy; it adopts the most advanced standards for worker health and safety and the most rigorous processes to ensure the highest quality by verifying the entire supply chain: from supplier certification, to the control of raw materials, the production process, the finished product and packaging, to spot checks at the point of sale. For more than 100 years, the Angelini family has guided the evolution of Angelini Industries with an entrepreneurial style typical of Italian family capitalism. To learn more visit


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