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Angelini: "Italy's Most Attractive Employer 2019"

Angelini has won the Employer Branding award “Italy’s Most Attractive Employer 2019”, presented in Milan on 25 June 2019 on the occasion of the Universum Awards.

The result emerged from the “Most Attractive Employer” survey carried out by Universum, for the purpose of measuring which employers are most attractive to university students and recent graduates, both Millennials and members of generation Z. 
40,400 students representing 44 Italian universities and 130 study areas were involved, indicating their ideal company to work in after the completion of their studies.

Angelini achieved 2nd place among the companies in the pharmaceutical sector (rising to 1st place if only the Italian companies are considered), and 24th among the 100 companies included in the survey; moving up in the rankings compared to the previous year, when it achieved 2nd and 26th place respectively for students of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Alongside the industrial and manufacturing sectors, the pharmaceutical sector features among those preferred by students, so much so that Angelini takes 3rd place among the “Ideal Employers” according to students in the Health/Medicine field and 11th in the general rankings for women in STEM.