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Fater celebrates 30 years of joint venture between Angelini Industries and Procter & Gamble

It was the company that first developed the diaper and sanitary pad market in Italy and stands by Italians with historic brands such as Pampers, Lines and Ace. Today, in 3 out of 4 Italian households there is at least one product made by Fater, a company with a storied history that is looking to the future with goals that are both innovative and ambitious. And which has a significant birthday to celebrate: the 30th anniversary of the 50/50 joint venture between Angelini Industries and Procter & Gamble, shareholders that have enabled Fater to become a leader in the Italian absorbent hygiene products market and a key player in the European home care products market.

This has been made possible through a constant commitment to innovation and a strong focus on environmental sustainability and social responsibility

Fater, an Italian company founded in 1958 in Pescara by Francesco Angelini, today represents a unique joint venture on the national and international scene, a business model that has made the most of its two souls: the managerial and marketing culture of the global FMCG leader, P&G, combined with the creativity and innovation of the best of Italian enterprise, such as Angelini Industries. Two complementary businesses connected by common values that focus on caring for people, consumers, employees and citizens.

We have reached a great achievement - says Antonio Fazzari, General Manager Fater - 30 years of a 50/50 joint venture is a real exception worldwide. It is a special union between two groups that share an enduring principle: taking care of people”.

Reflecting on the success of the partnership, Fama Francisco, CEO Baby, Feminine and Family Care Procter & Gamble, adds: Fater has been an enduring partnership for three decades. There are a number of things that have contributed to its success; our shared commitment to people – our employees, consumers, customers and communities, our focus on superior products and innovation, and the shared spirit of collaboration. By bringing together the best of two worlds – local consumer understanding, speed to market and the agility of on-the-ground teams alongside the innovation capabilities of a large FMCG company, we have truly built a partnership that’s stronger together!”

Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, CEO of Angelini Industries, adds - “For us at Angelini Industries, celebrating the first thirty years of this joint venture is a reason for great pride. We have reached a goal that has remote origins, stemming from an intuition we had in 1958 when, among the first in Italy, we decided to be an important player in the nappy and sanitary napkin market. Thanks to that successful intuition, years later the partnership with P&G, the world's leading company in the consumer goods market, was born. A solid partnership, based on mutual trust, complementary attitudes, and common values, which has enabled us to achieve extraordinary goals. Today we are happy to say that Fater is a company of exceptional solidity and that the relationship between the JV partners is going through a very positive phase. We therefore look to a future full of challenges with confidence and optimism. A sincere thank you to the partner, to the employees of Fater and to all the people who choose us every day!"


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