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Solidarity tender in Fater, Fameccanica and in Angelini Industries companies

Over 270,000 euros is the result of the charity initiative promoted by Fater, Fameccanica and other Angelini Industries companies, held from 3 to 31 December to raise funds for non-profit organizations and social responsibility projects.

Fater, Fameccanica and Angelini Industries confirm their support for the Onlus WeWorld, which operates in Italy and globally to defend children and women rights, guaranteeing education, health and protection from violence and abuse, and Heart4Children, which it works alongside families to offer support and services.

The amount raised was achieved thanks to a market organized by non-profit organizations with products donated by Fater, Fameccanica and other Angelini Industries companies: Angelini Pharma, Angelini Consumer, Angelini Beauty, Angelini Wines & Estates and MadreNatura. The employees of the companies and their families gave life to the solidarity competition getting the donated products by participating in a totally digital way. Among the donated products Pampers diapers, Line sanitary pads, Ace cleansers, wines, cosmetics, supplements and HeroSolo baby food.

The collaboration with WeWorld and Heart4Children continues after the positive experience of last year which saw, with the contribution collected in the edition of the Christmas Market 2020, the inauguration of a WeWorld Women's Space in Bologna. A space dedicated to welcoming women and children at risk of violence, and active with parenting support projects developed with Heart4Children through informative podcasts created by experts on the issues closest to new parents and, for more specific needs, a listening desk and meetings with psychologists.