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The Trerose Estate has just completed its first fully organic grape harvest

A commitment that the winery, which belongs to Bertani Domains, has made for years, first and foremost to the territory, embracing an approach that protects the land, the plants and also the people

For a decade now, the Trerose Estate, part of Bertani Domains, has embraced the principles of organic viticulture, further emphasising the path of sustainability that has always accompanied the winery's and the group's production philosophy. The orography of the hills, the exposure of the vineyards, the altitude and a particular microclimate create a unique agronomic balance, a mosaic made up of vineyards, woods and compensation areas that enrich the biodiversity of these places and make Tenuta Trerose particularly suitable.

All activities in the countryside and in the winery look carefully at safeguarding this balance, which is the key factor and the signature on the wines produced. Sustainability is essential and is carefully applied to all the elements that are part of the production chain: the careful management of energy resources, the enhancement of human capital, respect for the land and for the Vino Nobile appellation, to which Tenuta Trerose belongs.

Organic certification is only the formal completion of a path that Bertani Domains has preferred to follow without compromises or shortcuts, represented by secondary sustainability certifications, as a matter of credibility and maximum transparency towards consumers and markets.

Right from the start we knew it was going to be a challenging year," says Pietro Riccobono, Technical Director of the Tuscan wineries. "We had to cope with a season that was not easy from a climatic point of view, something that is now a regular feature of our lives. But our vines withstood the shockwave of a major spring frost, which characterised the first part of the season, while in the second part we had a dry and extremely sunny summer. Targeted agronomic choices and careful management of water resources have accompanied us to the harvest with a production that will certainly be lower than the average of the last 5 years, but with a very satisfactory quality. Selection in the vineyard, which is always crucial in these years, was even more so in this vintage. The tasting of the grapes and the analytical parameters suggest that we will make a wine that will give us a vintage of great complexity and structure".