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Angelini Consumer and Prénatal Launch iMammaShop, a virtual store tailored for babies and their parents

Rome/Cogliate (MB), November 2, 2022 – Angelini Consumer and Prénatal have announced the launch of iMammaShop, the new e-commerce platform entirely dedicated to expectant mothers, new parents and families with children. Building on the experience of two major Italian groups, Angelini Industries, of which Angelini Consumer forms part, and PRG Retail Group, of which Prénatal is one of the main brands, iMammaShop is an innovative digital store created to satisfy the wishes and needs of parents and families both before and after the birth of a new baby and during their early years.

From pregnancy and the creation of a baby gift registry - increasingly shared with friends, aunties, uncles and grandparents - iMammaShop participates in the life of the family with the aim of making it easier and more sustainable, offering a catalog of Prénatal high quality products, ranging from childcare items to clothing and toys. The catalog also includes products from Angelini Industries (personal care and hygiene products) and the Lovely Mind educational toys created by Angelini Consumer and Fondazione Montessori Italia with the aim of aiding the cognitive development of children from 0 to 36 months.

iMamma Shop is an additional step forward in terms of meeting the expectations of new parents, providing them with the support and information they need during the wonderful and unique journey of pregnancy and the birth of their children, whilst also offering them a digital shopping experience” commented Francesco Tortora, Chief Executive Officer of Angelini Consumer. “The presence of Angelini Industries in this sector, strengthened by its major partnership with Prénatal, also aims to send out a message of optimism and support for young families at a time of declining birthrates”.

“Being a reassuring presence, a reliable source of help for the growth of families and children, is the goal of Prénatal and of all PRG Retail Group brands”said Massimo Arioli, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of PRG Retail Group – “At this particularly challenging time for Italian parents, it is even more important to develop alliances and tangible projects to offer people innovative and high-quality omnichannel solutions at affordable prices. The partnership with Angelini Consumer represents a positive synergy between Italian companies that have joined forces to provide customers with an increasingly effective service”.

The platform, which can be very easily accessed by creating a personal profile at, is a further evolution of iMamma, the Angelini Consumer application dedicated to new families and already consulted by over 180,000 users in Italy. It will be managed by a new company that is 60% owned by Angelini Consumer and 40% by Prénatal.


Angelini Consumer is the Angelini Industries company dedicated to the creation and development of new consumer-oriented businesses. A genuine laboratory that operates under the banner of economic, social and environmental sustainability with the goal of bringing quality products and services to communities and families, taking care of everyone from infants through to the elderly.

Angelini Consumer is part of Angelini Industries, a multinational industrial group founded in Ancona in 1919 by Francesco Angelini. Today, Angelini Industries is a robust, well-structured industrial business that employs around 5,800 people in 21 countries around the world, generating revenues of €1.7 billion in the pharmaceuticals, FMCG, industrial technology, perfumery and dermocosmetics, and wine sectors.

Its growth-oriented investment strategy, constant commitment to research and development, and deep knowledge of markets and business sectors make Angelini Industries an Italian leader in the sectors in which it operates.The group is committed to reducing its environmental impact and identifying increasingly advanced circular economy solutions. It adopts the most advanced health and safety standards for workers and the most rigorous quality assurance processes, monitoring the entire supply chain from supplier certification to the control of raw materials, from the production process to the finished product and packaging, with spot checks performed at the point of sale.  For over 100 years, the Angelini family has guided the development of Angelini Industries with an entrepreneurial style typical of Italian family-run businesses. To find out more:


PRG Retail Group, founded in Italy in 2015, is the leading distributor in the child care products and toys sector with more than 900 stores in 9 countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland) and a staff of over 6,000 people. It owns the Prénatal, Bimbostore, Toys Center, King Jouet and Maxi Toys brands and holds the exclusive licenses for FAO Schwarz and, more recently, for Toys”R”Us (with 46 stores in Spain). The mission of PRG Retail Group is to help, amaze and allow people to dream, simplifying the lives of growing families. For more information:

Prénatal, founded in France in 1947, arrived in Italy in 1963 opening its first store in Milan. Today it has 165 stores and megastores in Italy, and 125 in the rest of Europe (Spain, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands and France). Prénatal is part of the PRG Retail Group. For more information:




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