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Angelini Industries joins Fondazione Expo Roma 2030

The Industrial Group becomes a partner of Fondazione Expo Roma 2030, with the aim of supporting the city's bid to host the universal exposition

Rome, July 19, 2023 - Angelini Industries - Italian industrial group active in the Health, Industrial Technology and Consumer Goods sectors - enters, as a partner, in the Fondazione Expo Roma 2030 that supports Rome's bid to host the Universal Exposition.

Today at Casa Angelini, the Group's headquarters in Rome, Massimo Scaccabarozzi, president of Fondazione Expo Roma 2030, and Giuseppe Scognamiglio, general manager of the promoting committee, together with Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, CEO of Angelini Industries, told the 5,800 employees connected from 21 countries about the goals and prospects of the capital's bid.

"Angelini Industries established its headquarters in Rome starting after World War II," noted Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, CEO of Angelini Industries, "and has maintained close ties with the city ever since. Today, Casa Angelini is the focal point of an urban renewal project that is in synergy with the theme chosen for the capital's candidacy. Innovation, sustainability, functionality and beauty are values that we share with the Expo Roma 2030 project and that we support as a Group."

Today's event at Angelini House served to involve the people of the Group in the candidacy of the Eternal City and to ensure that each of them can become promoters and vehicles of the messages that the Rome project brings. Starting tomorrow, in the email signature of all Angelini Industries employees will be listed the support for the Fondazione Expo Roma 2030, with a view to disseminating, informing and involving all Group partners in the initiative.

Giuseppe Scognamiglio: "Expo represents today a great platform where countries compare possible solutions to global challenges. The 179 members of the BIE will support us if they are convinced that our country's system can develop relationships with their businesses, leveraging our skills and excellences. Our competitors cannot boast such an extensive value in many different sectors (food, textiles, machinery, furniture, etc.). We are also working to retain the best of each country's creativity in the city of science, which we intend to leave to the city after Expo".

Massimo Scaccabarozzi: "It is important to do everything possible to win the Expo 2030 bid, as this can represent a great development opportunity for the country and the city. Its value is also clear for businesses; the Expo is business, an extraordinary lever for transformation and growth throughout the region: over 50 billion in economic impact for 10 billion in investments, 300,000 new jobs, 11,000 new businesses, and 30 million visitors, along with major projects of urban regeneration, innovation, and sustainability contained in the master plan. With the Foundation, we represent the “Rome of action”, with large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, multinational corporations, and banks, all united for a single important goal, which is to involve the largest number of stakeholders in supporting Rome's candidacy."

The Fondazione Expo Roma 2030, established in July 2022 by Unindustria, CNA Roma, Coldiretti Roma, Confcommercio Roma, Federlazio, Ance Roma-ACER and Confesercenti, supports the Institutional Promoting Committee with the aim of demonstrating the keen interest and full sharing of a major project by the entire business system of the city, contributing concretely to the challenge of Rome's candidacy.

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