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"How many stories can a hug contain?" News, stories and renewed graphic design for Angelini Industries' new website

The new portal completes Angelini Industries' rebranding journey, started in recent months, which has seen the introduction of the new name and new logo for the Group and its subsidiaries.

Rome - March the 7th 2023 - "How many stories can a hug contain?" is the question that opens the home page of the new website of Angelini Industries, an Italian multisectoral group present in 21 countries, that operates in the health (both pharmaceutical and venture capital), industrial technology, consumer goods, perfumery and dermocosmetics, and wine sectors. The focus on the stories related to the Group's activities and the renewed graphic design - which incorporates the new logo and reproduces an embrace - are two of the distinctive features of the portal (, which marks another important step in Angelini Industries' rebranding journey, which began a year ago with a new Group name and the restyling of its corporate image.

The portal has been redesigned graphically and in terms of content with new sections such as Stories behind the change, a place of stories, people and initiatives that tell the story of Angelini Industries' commitment and care for the world and those who inhabit it.

The Stories Behind the Change consists of five headings: Unwavering care, captures the Group's purpose, which is to always care about people, their daily lives and their future, to tell how this is substantiated in initiatives and projects; Caring for the community, dedicated to supporting the territories and areas in which Angelini Industries operates; Health Journeys; Technology and Innovation; and Consumers & People, focused on the commitment related to the presence in the business areas presided over by the Group.

The new site aims to be a true digital home and the center of our Group's web ecosystem, enhancing our brand identity, the multi-sector nature of Angelini Industries, and our drive for innovation and sustainability. In particular, we have designed an editorial site that will be enriched month by month with content that aims to express the deep motivation of the Group, which bases its daily actions on a long-term vision and a better future for people and generations to come.

Alessandra Favilli

From the point of view of accessibility, the site uses the Accessiway tool which considerably expands its usability by allowing the user to choose between different accessibility profiles such as: seizure safe profile, vision impaired profile, ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) friendly profile, cognitive disability profile, blind users.

Partners in implementation and development

The design of the new site was coordinated and led by Angelini Industries' Group Communication Department with the contribution of the Group's ICT Department. The concept, creativity and content was handled by GreatPixel, a marketing, content, design and tech consultancy agency with offices in Milan and Rome, dedicated to complex Customer Experience, Brand Growth & Innovation projects for innovative startups, country excellences and Fortune 500 companies. Alecsandria Digital, digital company that has been optimizing business processes through innovation in digital contexts since 1998 was in charge of development.

The architecture of the website

The sections into which it is divided are four: "About Us," dedicated to telling who the Group is, with a focus on governance and leadership, financial data, and commitment to CSR; "Our Industries," which tells the story of Angelini Industries' presence in the different business sectors; "Stories Behind the Change," where initiatives, themes, and projects by Angelini Industries come to life and are explored with an external perspective and directed towards current scenarios; and "Industry of Care," where the Group's identity, purpose and vision are told, projected toward sustainable growth.

In the top bar of the menu there are shortcuts for the different types of target audience that visit the site: Angelini Academy, related to the Group's corporate academy and training programs; Media Area, a library dedicated to all content from the world of Angelini Industries' external communications; and Angelini Industries Careers, dedicated to the Job Careers portal.

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