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RESTART: The Angelini Foundation supports Italian companies

A new support plan for micro-enterprises is starting in the Marche and will expand to other regions of Italy. The foundation has pledged 2 million euros to support over 1,200 small and very small enterprises in the Marche hit by the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Angelini Foundation’s give-back project has been developed with the scientific support of the Marche Polytechnic University and in collaboration with Confartigianato, Confcommercio, Confesercenti, CNA and the UNI.CO. and FI.M.CO.S.T. credit consortia.


Ancona, 13 April 2022

RESTART, a new project of the Angelini Foundation, aims to support small and very small companies that have been hit by the crisis caused by Covid-19. From today, the Foundation is making a concrete commitment to support small entrepreneurs.

The project, which is kicking off in the Marche with a 2-million-euro grant in favor of over 1,200 micro-enterprises, will be extended in the future to other regions where Angelini Industries operates. Angelini is an Italian multinational group founded in Ancona in 1919 and now active in 26 countries in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, industrial technology, perfumes, dermocosmetics and wine sectors.

The main beneficiaries of the project will be companies operating in the sectors most affected by the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic, in particular tourism, commerce, personal care services and the fashion industry.

The 2 million euros will be donated by the Angelini Foundation to micro-enterprises through the local trade associations Confartigianato, Confcommercio, Confesercenti, CNA, and the UNI.CO. and FI.M.CO.S.T. credit consortia system. The aim is to help revitalize the region’s economy by helping ease the debt burden for companies and support liquidity and access to credit.

The plan was underwritten today with a letter of intent signed by the Angelini Foundation, trade associations and credit consortia at the Faculty of Economics of the Marche Polytechnic University, which will be followed by the selection of beneficiary companies and the signing of an agreement between the parties for the subsequent disbursement of resources.

The family-based nature of our industrial group makes us even more sensitive to small family businesses, an economic segment that has suffered the impact of the pandemic more than others,” said Thea Paola Angelini and Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, vice-president and board member respectively of the Angelini Foundation. “Micro-enterprises are an important resource for the economy of our country, and this is why we want to give them concrete and targeted support today, which we hope will help to overcome some difficulties and restore a little optimism and a positive outlook on the future. Focusing on the needs of local communities is a core principle of the Angelini Foundation and this is why we have chosen to launch the RESTART project in the Marche, the region where Angelini Industries was founded, and then extend it to the other geographical areas where the Group operates.”

The Angelini Foundation’s plan, which was developed in collaboration with the Marche Polytechnic University, is aimed at companies with fewer than 10 employees or a turnover or assets of less than 1 million euros. Of the total 2 million euros donated by the Foundation, 1.5 million euros will be divided among the main trade associations (Confartigianato, Confesercenti, Confcommercio and CNA) to help settle the debts accrued by micro-businesses during the pandemic for the purchase of goods and services (accounting, management, tax) provided by the associations or by third-party suppliers.

The grant will amount to around 1,500 euros per company. This will enable all or most of the debt to be repaid, restoring access to services for at least 1,000 beneficiary companies in the sectors most severely hit by the crisis (tourism, retail, personal care services and fashion). In most cases, the accumulated debt is between 1,000 and 1,500 euros.

The remaining 500,000 euros will be given to the UNI.CO. and FI.M.CO.S.T. consortia, financial intermediaries with deep roots in the area, to help small businesses with loans not exceeding 50,000 euros to pay interest. A maximum contribution of 2,500 euros per company will be handed out, for a total of at least 200 micro-enterprises.

The beneficiary companies will be identified by the trade associations and the consortia on the basis of criteria drawn up by the Marche Polytechnic University: among these is the fact that they must be among the types of businesses that were forced to close during the pandemic. As a third party, the Polytechnic University of Marche will supervise all phases of the project and carry out a post-intervention impact study to measure the value generated by the donation of the Angelini Foundation.

Gian Luca Gregori and Valerio Temperini, respectively Dean and Professor of Economics and Business Management at the Marche Polytechnic University, said: “As a university we are very pleased to have contributed to the development of a model of action aimed at supporting and revitalizing micro-enterprises in an extremely difficult period. We are grateful to the Angelini Foundation for its involvement in this commendable initiative for the benefit of local communities, in the hope that others will be created following this example”.

“Confartigianato Marche wishes to thank the Angelini Foundation for this significant contribution in favor of micro and small enterprises in our region. It is an important contribution to support our businesses at a time of great difficulty and look forward to a concrete restart,” said Emanuele Pepa, president of Confartigianato Marche. “We consider the project to be of great value for its concrete contribution and because an industrial group from our region has proved to be so sensitive and strongly bound to the civic and economic community of the Marche.”

Massimiliano Polacco and Giacomo Bramucci, respectively general manager and president of Confcommercio Marche, said: “This is a substantial aid scheme to support in particular micro-enterprises in the market tertiary sector. They have been among the hardest hit by the crisis caused by the pandemic. They are precisely the companies we represent, therefore we are pleased that economic support is being given to a key sector for entrepreneurship and for the economy of this region”.

Confesercenti Marche would like to thank the Angelini Foundation for this significant and commendable operation,” commented the regional president of Confesercenti, Sandro Assenti, “which will not only have an impact on the local economy but will also launch a new model of solidarity and cooperation through concrete support for small and medium-sized enterprises that are suffering after more than two years of the pandemic. I would like to give special thanks to the Marche Polytechnic University for its scientific contribution both in the design phase and in the implementation phase of the project, which recognized the central role of trade associations and their commitment in recent months alongside their members.”

Paolo Silenzi and Otello Gregorini, respectively president and secretary general of CNA Marche, said: “On behalf of all the CNAs in the Marche, we would like to thank the Angelini Foundation for this initiative, which provides a very important response to the manufacturing sector in our region, which is mainly made up of micro and small enterprises. The pandemic had a very strong impact on the regional economy, with serious consequences for businesses. The Angelini Foundation’s project is a support for businesses and also allows trade associations to recover after the crisis caused by the pandemic”.

Paolo Mariani, director general of Uni.Co, said: “The initiative we are involved in demonstrates that we can set a positive example by bringing together ‘sensitivity’ and ‘skills’. We would like to thank the Angelini Foundation for carrying out this project in favor of micro and small enterprises”.

Alfredo Mietti, president of FI.M.CO.ST, said: “The far-sighted and courageous action taken by the Angelini Foundation has our full support and gratitude - because it brings concrete help to the many operators who are in difficulty as a result of the health crisis, but also because it is based on a precious premise: the knowledge that we need to start again from small and very small enterprises, the real backbone of our economic and social fabric, to strengthen the economy of our region. Angelini also deserves credit for having recognized the role of consortia as an intermediary between companies and access to credit, between operators and their growth targets”.


The Angelini Foundation supports projects and actions of solidarity in the social, health and cultural fields, with special emphasis on the regions where the Angelini Industries Group is present. 

The Foundation is entirely financed by company profits and embraces the guiding principle of Angelini Industries: taking care of individuals and families in everyday life. In 2021 it built Casale Angelini, Italy’s first “Care House” designed as a home to welcome cancer patients treated at the AOU Ospedali Riuniti Hospital in Ancona free of charge. More recently, it has supported the creation of the largest Pediatric Palliative Care Centre in Italy, set up by the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Fiumicino, as well as numerous initiatives to combat the Covid-19 emergency. The Angelini Foundation also supports UNICEF in setting up shelter homes for families and children fleeing the war in Ukraine, as well as other organizations involved in the ongoing humanitarian emergency.


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