The Angelini Group becomes “Angelini Industries” and its first corporate advertising campaign kicks off

The group’s new identity and the payoff, “Industry of Care”, encapsulate its position as a diversified industrial group and its common purpose across all business sectors, as described in the new advertising campaign kicking off on March 6th.


Rome, March 3, 2022 – A new logo and a new name – Angelini Industries – for the Italian multinational operating in pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, industrial technology, perfumes, dermocosmetics and wines in 26 countries around the world. The new identity is a visual reflection of the group’s new organization and new governance structure, now led by a holding company that develops strategies and coordinates the operating companies.   

Angelini’s historical triangular logo was replaced with an open shape and curved lines to convey a sense of inclusion and a welcome embrace, while also emphasizing the dynamism of the Angelini universe. The group was renamed to reflect its key characteristics: business diversification and industrial calling. 

The new brand brings together all the companies in the group – Angelini Pharma, Angelini Consumer, Angelini Technologies, Angelini Beauty, Angelini Wines & Estates – and reflects a way of doing business based on shared values and the common purpose of taking care of people and families in their everyday lives, which is summed up in the group’s payoff, “Industry of Care”.  

Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, CEO of Angelini Industries, remarked, “This rebranding is a crucial step in the strategic repositioning of our Group, now led by an industrial holding company that directs the strategies and investments of the companies operating in the various business areas. In this way, we have strengthened Angelini’s identity as a diversified, industrial, multinational group. The ultimate aim of this new corporate identity is to accompany the Group on its path of harmonious growth, growth that makes the most of every company in the group.” 

The new brand will be unveiled on March 6th in a corporate advertising campaign on TV, in print and online that shows how Angelini is multi-industry through its iconic brands in all the industries in which the group operates. 

“Always by your side, with the strength of an embrace” is the theme of the campaign, featuring scenes in everyday life in which Angelini Industries products help people take care of themselves and their loved ones.  

“Ti voglio tanto bene” by Gianna Nannini is the soundtrack. 

“With our new visual identity we wanted to reflect and convey our guiding principle,” explained Thea Paola Angelini, Executive Vice President of Angelini Industries, “which is taking care of people and families in their everyday lives. With its curved lines, the new logo is an embrace that enfolds, protects and paves the way to a more sustainable future, made for everyone and especially the most vulnerable.  We are an industrial Group that has always listened to the needs and desires of the community and has undertaken, day after day and now more than ever, to return value to all its stakeholders.” 

The rebranding project was developed by the Institutional & External Relations Department of Angelini Industries.  


Angelini Industries is a multinational industrial group originally founded in Ancona in 1919 by Francesco Angelini. Today it is a solid, structured industrial business with around 5,700 employees, operating in 26 countries and generating annual revenues of €1.7 billion.   

Angelini Industries operates in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, industrial technology, perfumes and dermocosmetics and wine businesses. 

Its investment strategy aimed at growth, constant commitment to research and development, and deep knowledge of markets and business sectors make Angelini Industries an Italian leader in the industries in which it operates.   

The group is committed to reducing its environmental impact and finding increasingly cutting-edge circular economy solutions. It adopts the most advanced health and safety standards for workers and the most rigorous processes to ensure the highest quality by verifying the entire supply chain: from supplier certification to the control of raw materials, the production process, the finished product and packaging, to spot checks at the point of sale.   

For over 100 years, the Angelini family has steered the development of Angelini Industries with an entrepreneurial style typical of Italian family businesses.  

Press sheet - The ADV campaign 

Press sheet - The rebranding project

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