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Angelini Ventures: a concrete response to the healthcare challenges of the future

Innovate and renew for a more resilient future
and collective growth.

Innovation is one of the four core values on which the Angelini Industries ecosystem rests. Underlying the Group's identity and culture is the understanding that

to manage the complexity and demands of a constantly changing world, it is essential to make conscious and bold strategic choices. Angelini Industries associates the concept of innovation with the ability to reformulate the present, adapt nimbly to new cultural and technological paradigms, and proactively anticipate the needs of the future.

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In this scenario, Angelini Ventures, the Group's international venture capital firm, comes into play.

We are the venture capital firm of Angelini Industries committed to investing in innovative solutions in BioTech & Digital Health.

Founded in 2022 with an initial investment of €300 million, Angelini Ventures positions itself as a key player in the innovation ecosystem by bringing together existing and new skills to identify, finance and implement solutions that innovate traditional healthcare models. 

With a target focus on Europe and North America, the company is, in fact, aiming to support startups-which stand out for their approaches and potential for impact-that can develop innovative solutions and ideas in the areas of biotechnology and digital health.

This kind of investment fully meets our long-term vision of caring for patients, communities and countries, with the goal of transforming the future of the global health system.

Sergio Marullo di Condojanni

CEO of Angelini Industries

Five market segments that attract the most investments from Angelini Ventures are:

  1. Biotech:

    Accompanied by advances in synthetic biology, gene editing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and regenerative medicine, this field aims to anticipate and respond to the most pressing medical challenges. Biotechnology has achieved important milestones in recent years, leading to the development of increasingly accurate and less invasive methods. This evolution underscores a growing inclination toward predictive and personalized medicine.

  2. TechBio:

    It is a cutting-edge field that sits at the intersection of three fundamental and interdependent fields: data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and biotechnology. The synergistic integration of these three elements contributes to pharmaceutical development and/or efficient platforms. Through this multidisciplinary approach, intelligent processing and interpretation of huge volumes of biological data, Techbio paves the way for personalized therapies, significantly improving the efficacy and precision of treatments, with positive impacts on both prevention and treatment of diseases.

  3. Connected Health Devices

    These devices-also known as CHDs-use data and artificial intelligence to provide personalized and effective solutions in terms of treatment, diagnostics, and monitoring of patients and their care. Their application ranges from wearable devices, which monitor vital parameters in real time, to neurostimulation systems that offer new hope for the treatment of neurological diseases. The uniqueness of CHDs-which often include wireless capabilities-lies in their ability to integrate and analyze data collected on an ongoing basis, allowing therapies to be tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

  4. Digital Diagnostics & Therapeutics

    The field of Digital Health is undergoing an unprecedented phase of expansion, driven not only by technological advancement, but also by rising costs in the health care system and increasing demand for more effective and accessible treatment options. In this context, digital diagnostics (DDx) and digital therapeutics (DTx) are emerging as major players, proposing innovative strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions. Especially promising in the treatment of chronic conditions and cognitive-behavioral disorders, these are innovative solutions that can complement or replace traditional methods.

  5. Hybrid Care Platforms

    Hybrid care platforms are a vanguard in the healthcare landscape, offering an integrated ecosystem that harmonizes and coordinates how healthcare services are delivered. These platforms blend digital, virtual and physical healthcare approaches, offering innovative solutions for diagnosis, treatment, and support thus giving health care providers the tools to continuously satisfy growing needs. The intent is to provide health care that is both flexible, responsive and inclusive. An approach that overcomes the inherent limitations of both online-only and strictly physical care, allowing for timely response to patient needs, reduced wait times, and reduced costs associated with care.

    In addition to this, hybrid care platforms play a crucial role in increasing healthcare coverage, especially in geographic areas with poor service availability. By facilitating access to remote medical consultations, supporting prevention and monitoring of chronic conditions, these platforms contribute significantly to decongesting hospital facilities and reducing pressure on health care systems.

Shaping the future of care

Through Angelini Ventures, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to partner with experienced professionals who can fully embrace and understand the challenges of the healthcare industry and the needs of patients and consumers. The goal is to catalyze progress in crucial areas of health, starting with the understanding that curing means networking.

We are building a solid infrastructure to develop and invest in new ideas, collaborations and technologies.

Paolo Di Giorgio

chief executive officer of Angelini Ventures

Angelini Ventures' current portfolio includes 15 investments, including studio startups, direct investments and research projects.
This is just the beginning of a project created to imagine and make tangible the care models of the future, to spread the concept of Unwavering care to every corner of the world.

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