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Angelini Industries at the Trento Festival of Economics: A bridge between the voices of the present and the future


The 19th Edition of the Trento Festival of Economics, held from May 23 to 26, concluded with great success. Thanks to the synergy between the Gruppo 24 ORE  and Trentino Marketing and with the valuable support of the Municipality and the University of Trento, the event once again confirmed its importance in the international economic scene.

This year's theme, "QUO VADIS? THE DILEMMAS OF OUR TIME," invited participants to reflect on the present, to question the future and the direction in which it is moving. It was a highly pertinent subject that stimulated discussions among experts, academics, policymakers, and a diverse audience spanning different generations and expertise levels, in the pursuit of sustainable and innovative solutions to tackle global challenges.

Angelini Industries at the forefront of the "Connecting Generations" project

For the second year in a row, Angelini Industries is confirmed as a top partner of the Festival, consolidating its leading role.

This year, in addition to the official program, the Group's involvement extended to the Fuori Festival with the "Connecting Generations" project. An initiative conceived with the aim of fostering open, critical, informed and reasoned debate on issues that closely affect the new generations, valuing their needs and expectations.

What concerns young people most about their future? What are their priorities in their job search? How do they deal with the issue of mental health? What is their relationship with sustainability and the challenges of the present?

 At the heart of the Angelini Industries event series was the commitment to address these questions, offering participants an overview of perspectives, needs, and solutions that can contribute to building a better future for the youth of today and tomorrow.

9 panels, a special project,
An exhibition on the topic of mental health and more than 2,000 connections

At a time in history when socio-economic changes are occurring at an unprecedented speed, multigenerational dialogue emerges as a valuable resource. It not only enables the transfer of knowledge and values between generations with different prerogatives, but also fosters mutual understanding.

Against this backdrop, Connecting Generations presented itself as a space open to curiosity and discussion, fostering an opportunity for individual and collective growth.

Youth as the beating heart of the event.

In its rich and diverse program, exploring the theme "Quo Vadis" on a global scale from Europe to the Middle East, and from China to America, the Fuori Festival organized by Angelini Industries sought to chart an alternative course. It unfolded various narrative threads stemming from the event's central theme. What made the project particularly impactful was the involvement of all the Group's companies, along with their executives and top management. Many were key figures in both the official program and the Connecting Generations activities. Special guests further enriched the event, making it a significant gathering.

 The meeting of professionals from diverse backgrounds provided an opportunity to reflect on different leadership styles and stories, aiming to find a common key to decipher the challenges faced by all leaders, whether in business or beyond. Speakers and, importantly, the participating audience had the chance to delve into experiences and successful models, enriching their personal and professional knowledge. Discussions centered around transformational, empathetic, and inclusive leadership, with a particular focus on the ability to inspire and motivate teams.

In this context, talent management was also emphasized, with talks exploring strategic initiatives to attract and retain resources in an increasingly dynamic and competitive job market.

Sustainability occupied a prominent place in the program, with a particular emphasis on the younger generation, which is extremely aware of environmental challenges and increasingly inclined to support and work for realities that demonstrate a concrete commitment to sustainable practices. In fact, ample space was devoted to the discussion of ESG criteria, which are of increasing relevance for companies seeking not only to improve their financial performance, but also to create long-term value for all stakeholders.

Central to these discussions was also the theme of work-life integration, an approach aimed at creating greater synergies among different aspects of a person's life: work, home/family, community, health, and personal satisfaction. Today, the openness of companies towards increased flexibility and individual self-determination is becoming a prerequisite for the overall well-being of employees and the longevity of organizations that consciously prioritize the people within their ecosystem.

And when it comes to awareness and acceptance, another challenge comes into play that is becoming more and more pressing: hate speech. Countering it is difficult, but not impossible. New generations, growing up in an increasingly connected and digital world, are often exposed to the phenomenon, which can have serious consequences for the mental health and sense of belonging of those affected. In this direction, collaboration between governments, organizations and companies is essential to develop effective strategies in preventing and countering hate speech. It is essential to place increasing emphasis on this issue, creating work environments and beyond that are capable of adequately responding to the phenomenon and taking concrete action to counter it.

Rosa's pills: a magnifying glass on the topic of mental health

Making the meaning of "Connecting Generations" even more profound, authentic and concrete is Rosa's Pills exhibition. This multimedia project emerged from the collaboration, friendship, and shared desire to narrate their stories between Rosa Miranda, a young artist raised in the United States, and Enrico Rassu, an Italian art director and photographer. Their creative work aims to explore the intricate relationships between healing journeys and health solutions, particularly focusing on the treatment of mental disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, and others.Through Rosa Miranda's personal story, the exhibition highlights the necessity of a more holistic approach to mental well-being that addresses root causes. This act of courage and openness aims to support those facing similar challenges, demonstrating that the path to healing, though non-linear, is filled with surprising possibilities.

Marcello Ascani gives voice to the Connecting Generations project

Joining Angelini Industries on Festival days was Marcello Ascani, a young entrepreneur and multifaceted content creator who provided an exclusive and in-depth look at the Group's experience at the present edition of the Squirrel Festival.

His participation not only enriched the event, but also allowed us to capture unprecedented and detailed aspects of Angelini Industries' activities and values, giving the audience a privileged and engaging perspective on how the company experienced and interpreted the event. Through his ability to communicate effectively, engagingly and interactively, Ascani was able to create a direct connection with the audience, making the Festival experience even more memorable and meaningful.

The beginning of a journey that knows no end

Angelini Industries' presence at the Trento Festival of Economics is a natural consequence of the commitment, enthusiasm and dedication with which the Group faces the challenges of a constantly evolving world. In response to the "Quo vadis," it reiterated its strategic vision oriented to people, innovation and talent, highlighting the importance of investing in continuous training, research and development of sustainable solutions, but above all in young people. A journey of uphill climbs through which the Group is building an environment open to change, where the experience of seniors and the energy of new generations converge in a blend of values, experiences, and perspectives.

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