Unwavering Care

Corporate welfare as an essential value


The balance between professional and family life is a theme that is gaining increasing importance within corporate management processes. It is a very broad concept that encompasses all the strategies and initiatives of corporate welfare aimed at promoting a proportionate balance between the different aspects of a person's life. It is a complex but necessary challenge for both workers and companies.

Corporate welfare becomes one with employer branding

A responsible approach to employee welfare is the future of successful companies.

Recognizing a common project, sharing its values, experiencing a healthy environment with a positive climate are just some of the parameters that retain a resource today and attract new talent.

It is essential to create a virtuous ecosystem, a corporate culture that cares about the well-being of workers, welcoming and valuing their differences, abilities and lifestyles. Indeed, it is no coincidence that at the top of the long list of buzzwords of recent times are work-life balance and corporate welfare: two sides of the same coin, two key topics representative of a sustainable corporate DNA characterized by caring for its employees.

It is clear that in a world where companies are increasingly being asked to consider their social impact, corporate welfare is an invaluable resource for the long-term success of businesses. Investing in this strategic asset means growing not only in terms of profit, but also in terms of reputation, internal cohesion and social sustainability.

Each company defines work-life balance and corporate welfare programs in relation to its work ethic values. That of promoting so-called "sustainable careers" is, in fact, a choice that does not yet concern all organizations. However, it is now apparent that the work-devotion scheme is not the most suitable solution to respond to people's need to seek a balance between personal and professional life.

WeCare: the welfare of Angelini Industries.

Being an Industry of care means choosing to give space and voice to the needs and desires of the community.  At the heart of The Angelini Way, in fact, lies a common set of values throughout the Group, a raison d'être and a clear vision that guide the organization and all business decisions.

At the core of this corporate philosophy, identity, and culture of Angelini Industries, there are indeed four foundational values ​​that inspire and guide all choices, actions, and daily interactions, both through the work of employees and with the trust created and renewed with customers. Innovation, Engagement, Ethics and Responsibility, and Performance are the foundations upon which the Group was born, stands, and projects itself into the future. These values ​​are the means through which it aims to achieve sustainable growth for the generations of today and tomorrow.

Caring for individuals and families in everyday life.

Consistent with its purpose, the Group is committed to protecting, including, training and valuing its employees by fostering a culture of merit that looks to continuous improvement and recognition of individual skills in order to ensure an inclusive and stimulating work environment.

Just as our Industries take care of customers, we take care of our people.

Marco Morbidelli

Group Chief HR & Organization Officer

Angelini Industries has always considered human capital a key stakeholder, developing initiatives and processes aimed at people empowerment and development, engagement and well-being. It is in this context that corporate welfare fits, which for years has been confirmed as one of the priorities of the Group's people strategy through a varied set of services, initiatives and tools aimed at improving the well-being of employees.

WeCare is a tool designed for the employee who wants clear and immediate access to all the services (tangible and intangible) that the Group provides for all individuals and their families.

Marco Morbidelli

Group Chief HR & Organization Officer

A set of values driving in different yet complementary directions. The offering, which each company within the Group tailors to its specificities, has particularly emphasized three areas: family care and people care, where significant progress has been made in terms of flexibility, with strengthened smart working for both mothers and fathers, and in terms of safety and workplace hospitality with #Angelini4you, through which the Group provides psychological support to its workforce (both nationally and internationally). The third pillar, however, remains the health of individuals - healthcare - from both a physical and psycho-physical perspective. 

Underlying the WeCare project is the concept of simplicity: ease of use and accessibility are prerequisites for the target user. With this in mind, the Group has developed an intuitive platform, ensuring quick access to services for employees and their families.

With WeCare, Angelini Industries is positioning itself at the forefront of corporate innovation, demonstrating its commitment to creating a welcoming and motivating work environment. In a world where business and social dynamics are constantly changing, the Group has chosen to chart and embark on a path that encourages its employees to reach their full potential.

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