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Every wine has its own story: discovering The Library


Style, foresight, experience: the words that best describe Bertani's distinctive oenological personality. Each bottle is a journey through the history and richness of the Veronese territory. A dimension where tradition and innovation meet to give unforgettable moments.

Narrating territories through wines

Bertani is one of six estates of Angelini Wines & Estates, the winery that is part of Angelini Industries.

“Elevating territories”

Angelini Wines & Estates operates with respect for the territory, aiming to enhance it.

The wines are the ultimate expression of the authenticity of different production areas, consistent with the style of the territory and cultivated in accordance with the character expressed by the Genius Loci.

At Angelini Wines & Estates, each bottle of wine is the result of meticulous and conscious work, which begins with the careful selection of grapes and continues with advanced winemaking techniques aimed at enhancing the distinctive features, style and essence of the terroir of origin.

Bertani's "wines of terroir" embody this ethos in an exemplary way. Each product is a concentrate of flavors and aromas that reflects not only the quality of the grapes selected, but also the passion and dedication of the winemakers working behind the scenes. In this context, Valpolicella plays a particularly significant role. Characterized by extraordinary geological diversity, this area offers a variety of microclimates and soils that translates directly into the wines produced. From moraine hills to volcanic soils, each different soil composition brings a distinctive note to Bertani wines, allowing for a range of unique and unmistakable expressions.

At the center of this scenario stands Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, a classic that endures beyond time.

A wine that is larger than life

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico is one of the jewels of Italian viticulture, an expression of power and refinement. An "elixir of joy" that presents itself with a deep and seductive red color, a window into its intense and mysterious character.

The heart of Amarone Classico lies in its unmistakable blend of grapes, traditionally indigenous varieties, with a predominance of Corvina and Corvinone, flanked by Rondinella and occasionally other local grape varieties. Harvesting by hand is a tribute to tradition and respect for the land. The production process is a true ritual that begins with the drying of the grapes in a natural environment, whose conditions (humidity, temperature) in Bertani's case, are not artificially altered. A choice and a method that make Amarone one of the few dry wines in the world whose characteristics are also enhanced and refined by the post-harvest climatic variables.

This crucial stage is followed by a peculiar and prolonged fermentation, which helps to further develop the complexity of this wine. Finally, barrel aging, followed by a period of bottle aging, is essential to harmoniously blend the different aromatic components and achieve impeccable organoleptic balance.

Tasting different vintages of this wine, offers the opportunity for an emotional experience that engages the five senses by describing a story of over 40 vintages that deserves to be told and experienced by as many people as possible.  

“From 1958 to 2013”

From the desire to narrate not only the evolution of a wine but also that of the land from which it comes and the hands that have worked it, The Library is born.

Each vintage of Amarone della Valpolicella Classico is like a chapter in a book, revealing a different aspect of the territory, the climatic conditions it has experienced in a specific timeframe, the nuances of taste and flavor that define it, and the oenological choices undertaken.

The Library is a work of art. An impressive work of analysis, tasting and cataloguing of the heritage of historical vintages kept in the Bertani winery that takes the form of a monograph of no less than 230 pages, 43 vintages - the marketable ones, of the 48 vintages kept in the winery's cellars - and 6 decades, starting from the first on the market to the current vintage. This "tasting of time" is recounted and explored through the lens and unparalleled experience of Nick Jackson, Master of Wine, author of "Beyond Flavour," former buyer for Sotheby's and renowned fine wines expert.

“Exuberance, gentleness, harmony, finesse.”

They represent the four categories into which the 43 vintages were divided. Each term reflects and illustrates the unique characteristics and inherent quality of each.

Through The Library one can read and tell stories of dedication, passion, tradition and experimentation. It is a volume that symbolizes the excellence, the know-how, the philosophy of care and respect for the land, and the stylistic signature that has distinguished Bertani over time.

To make this meticulous work even more memorable, there are the photographic elements that mark the times, the stories, and the details of a tale that knows no end, only new beginnings.

An international journey

Starting from September 2023, six international masterclasses have brought together some of the most important stakeholders in the world of wine in front of The Library.

Six stops, six cities: London, Munich, Verona, Tokyo, New York, Chicago.

One format. A tasting of 6 vintages of Amarone della Valpolicella Classico: 1964 (refinement), 1973 (gentleness), 1980 (exuberance), 1994 (exuberance), 2008 (harmony) and 2013 (exuberance). 

The elite of international gastronomy and press had the unique opportunity to travel through time with Andrea Lonardi, Chief Operating Officer of Angelini Wines & Estates and recently appointed Master of Wine, through the Library of Bertani stored in the historic winery in the province of Verona.

The Bulgari Restaurant in Tokyo at Ginza, Max Natmessnig and his two Michelin stars in Munich, the elegant Spring in London – owned by the Australian Skye Gyngell - are just some of the locations where the tastings took place.

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