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Festival dell’Economia di Trento: a unique opportunity to explore the new frontiers of economics and innovative thinking

The Future of the Future. The Challenges of a New World

This is the title of the 18th edition of the Trento Festival of Economics, the event organized by Gruppo 24 ORE and Trentino Marketing, scheduled for May 25-28.

It is an event that arises from the need to look beyond the most pressing challenges of current national and international events. It wants to be an opportunity to give a perspective to everyday choices that transcends the emergency of the moment.

A better future must be imagined,
a necessary condition to be able to build it.

The future is the central theme of the event: a dimension and a time that are unknown, but that can be explored and made more predictable through discussion and collaboration with and among experts. This is the goal of the 18th edition of the Festival: to study and gather the tools needed to better manage the changes that will come as a result of the challenges that already exist. At a time in history marked by numerous socio-economic conflicts, the event focuses public attention on humanity and peace.

To succeed, it is essential to embrace a value system that focuses on sustainability, inclusion, respect and equity.

Angelini Industries: a partner of excellence

The 18th Edition of the Festival presents a dynamic and innovative agenda, with a main program coordinated by the Scientific Committee, chaired by Fabio Tamburini - Director of Sole 24 Ore, Radio 24 - and the news agency Radiocor, offering a series of lectures, debates and interactive sessions on topics of great economic relevance.

Experts from a wide range of industries and disciplines, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and innovators from around the world will discuss and explore the theme of the future from different angles.

This year Angelini Industries is TOP PARTNER of the event.

With four appointments dedicated to topical issues, on Saturday, May 27, Angelini Industries will participate together with the Group CEO and the CEOs of some operative companies of the Group in the following meetings:

  • "Family capitalism, private equity and generational transition," with Sergio Marullo di Condojanni - CEO of Angelini Industries
  • Innovation, advanced research and start-ups," with Paolo di Giorgio - CEO & Managing Director of Angelini Ventures
  • The role of technologies in the balance of geopolitics, from space to biotechnology," with Alessandro Bulfon - CEO of Angelini Technologies and Fameccanica
  • The new era of medicine, from prevention to therapy," with Jacopo Andreose - CEO of  Angelini Pharma

Innovation, Engagement, Ethics and Responsibility, and Performance are the four founding values that characterize Angelini Industries, and The Trento Festival of Economics represents and embraces them all. The choice to participate in the event was, therefore, a spontaneous one: as a multibusiness and multinational company, Angelini Industries aims to support to manage the complexity of a constantly changing world. It is a Group that strives daily to ensure the sustainable economic development of the business and to safeguard the environment and the communities in which it operates. Determination to pursue excellence guides a team of more than 5,800 people from all over the world, and participation in this 18th Edition of the Festival testifies to how the Group constantly looks to the present as a springboard for a future full of ambitious new goals to be achieved.

The event is aimed at a broad, cross-sectional audience. It intercepts as much the needs and opportunities of businesses and institutions as those of young people and families.

This year's agenda is filled with initiatives such as the "FuoriFestival," one of the most popular new features of the previous edition of the event, which involves talents, creators and influencers in the creation of edutainment content. Also confirmed is the "Economies of the Territories" section, a format dedicated to local businesses and institutions to delve into territorial realities, and "Meetings with the Author" that will be held in different locations around the city.

Last but certainly not least are Radio 24's live events that frame the days of the Festival, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere.

To follow the live streaming and access all video on-demand events online, simply register at this link:

User Registration - Economics Festival, Trento 2023

To keep up with all the news and activities at the event:

Instagram - Angelini.Industries

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